NEVER TOO SMALL: Singapore Graphic Designer’s Maximalist Apartment – 59sqm/635sqft

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Set inside a 1978 high rise Housing Development Board building in Singapore, this once dark and segmented Waterloo Street apartment has been transformed by multi-disciplinary design studio three-d conceptwerke into a bright, comfortable and flexible space where the owners can live, work and play. Removing all internal walls and keeping only the support beam allowed more light into the center of the apartment, with vintage white terrazzo tiles reflecting it throughout the space. Key to the overall design is a series of custom white metal cabinets on wheels that can be moved around the apartment in various configurations. In the living room, two tables, also on wheels, can be pushed together to create a larger table for dining with friends or separated to become two individual work spaces; with an original ​​Paolo Rizzatto 265 wall lamp that can be adjusted as needed. Two sets of curtains, in front of the bedroom and kitchen, serve to provide privacy and hide clutter from guests, as well as assist directing air-conditioning throughout the home. The flexibility of the space has allowed its owners to grow into it, and left space for it to change as they do.

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Music: Lieu Despoir by Roseblue

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Cinematographer: Kevin Siyuan
Director: Nam Tran
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

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  2. Full of practical ideas 💡
    Looks cozy and stylish at the same time. So nice!

  3. I like the light, the all white idea, but the nerdy kind of messy owner clearly clashes with the designer minimalistic and clean approach :)…there is too much furniture for the place and it's a bit ugly, but godamn smart. Cool place

  4. My dad (an architech) hates the clutter, me (graphic designer) love the clutter.

  5. How did they get a soft fluffy adorable cloud to be living in their apartment? :O

  6. those tiles will be a royal pain to clean, better to go with deco tiles with mosaic patterns. At the very least there are lesser grout to scrub…

  7. OMG that cat!😍 It's really helpful to see a maximalist apartment, I love the clean lines and elegance of minimalism but I know I can't live like that. This apartment has similar feels but the clients obviously enjoy creating a space filled with an intentional, curated collection of objects that hasn't compromised the space. Thank you😀

  8. Love that we get to see a “lived” home finally, and there are some nice details in this space. Love the glass bricks for the bathroom! At 59sqm however I find the idea of moving furniture unnecessary as the space is quite generous, especially when compared to much smaller apartments which make brilliant use of fixed furniture. A novelty feature that long term will likely become a nuisance imo.

  9. Love the floor and the moveable lamp, not sure about the bathroom right next to the kitchen. I'd prefer built in cupboards for a more polished look (and realistically how often are you going to be wheeling your cupboards around).

  10. The wholeplace is nice and airy, the natural light in the bathroom is genius, plus the privacy is not compromised while showering……Absolutely love it. Extremely thoughtful of the architect to keep gaps in the doors for ventilation….

  11. So if someone darts in the toilet… U can smell It in the kitchen… Nice

  12. I knew this looked familiar. This apartment was featured also on a YouTube video by Channel News Asia (CNA) Lifestyle two years ago. It’s worth checking out that video as you meet the owners more in depth and its shows a bit more how the apartment can be reconfigured .. it also seems the apartment is tidier in the CNA video! Personally I couldn’t live with this much stuff on show, way too much visual clutter for my confused mind! Having lived in Singapore for 12 years I can testify that its worth keeping things open because of dust, mould and humidity. I love the moveable cabinets to help keep the place CLEAN!

  13. my apartment is the same size…now I want to get rid of my walls!!!…NICE design!! like the movable furniture & clean looking floors

  14. Long time viewer, have seen almost all your episodes, but I'll say this is one of maybe 3 homes that actually feel like someone's lived in them and they're not fresh from the turnover. This home is GREAT. But also love the art. Who's the graphic designer (if this isn't private information? :)) Would love to check out their work as it seems like they have great taste :))

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