New Kershaw Knives: Mid-2023 Reveal! – Blade Show 2023 Preview

Incoming! Kershaw just introduced three new folders available for pre-order now.

While the pint-sized Rate and cleaver-blade Hatch are cool, the Launch 16 definitely steals the show with its CPM-M4 tanto blade! What do you think of these new releases?

0:00 Intro
0:29 Kershaw Launch 16:
3:37 Kershaw Hatch:
6:23 Kershaw Rate:

Slightly Larger that Average Patches:

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13 Replies to “New Kershaw Knives: Mid-2023 Reveal! – Blade Show 2023 Preview”

  1. Makes me wonder if Pro tech is the OEM on the Launch series? The snap on them feels real familiar.

  2. Why do combo edges still exist? The 16 would be an automatic buy for me if it was just plain edge. Sucks because it looks great.

  3. All around great options, love to see a US made auto under $200. I do wish there was a plain edge option

  4. A chisel-ground half-serrared tanto point with rubber handle? Is this 1997?

  5. Wish they would bring back the Hotwire. Dirt cheap, solid unit, easy to edge up.

  6. Any Word on When the Spyderco Military 2 with Compression Lock is going to hit the shelves ????

  7. Hey DCA, I recently bought my wife an Ontario Navigator for Mother's Day. I was impressed with it for the price, and I like the idea of a locking keychain knife (sub 3" blade). Do you have any suggestions for one that has higher quality materials (so I can one-up my wifes current carry) in the $50 – $75 price range? Bonus points for made in USA!

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