New Knives for the Week of May 18th, 2023 Just In at

Compact EDCs from Spyderco and Benchmade this week, plus great mid-techs from Microtech, Pro-Tech and Reate, and beefy fixed blades from LOTAR, Toor and the much-anticipated TOPS El Pionero. Check out the latest knives and EDC gear from KnifeCenter here:

Featured Knives
0:00 Intro
0:23 Spyderco Lil’ Native CruWear Exclusive:
3:20 Benchmade Full Immunity:
6:53 Reate T3500:
9:16 Tactile Knife Co. Maverick:
12:10 Ocaso The Strategy:
15:24 TOPS El Pionero:
17:58 Smith & Sons Mudbug:
20:07 Toor/Skallywag Fathom:
22:05 LOTAR KHAOS “Matzor”:
24:47 Microtech Socom Alpha Mini Warcom:
More In-Stock Microtech Knives:
27:52 Guardian Tactical GTX-025:
29:22 Pro-Tech Godfather:
30:44 Pro-Tech Terzuola ATCF:
32:40 Bestech Bihai:
34:39 Bestechman Dundee:
36:06 Bestechman Ronan Damascus:

Slightly Larger that Average Patches:

Need a Tek-Lok? Get them here:

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28 Replies to “New Knives for the Week of May 18th, 2023 Just In at”

  1. Where is the sharpening choil on that Reate? Beautiful knife with no sharpening choil = no sale. That's just me though.

  2. Apologies for the randomness of the question. I live in the UK so as guy are aware the laws here regarding knife carrying are utterly ridiculous.

    I have been considering buying either a Steenkamp or an Andre de Villiers knife. Are they worthy of the price? Would you recommend them as EDC carry for regular use? You strike me as a jolly nice chap, and well informed. Thank you for your work sir.

  3. 10:17 Finally more knives that are not just fat and wide chunks of steel that are not even ground all the way to the spine!
    Shame on those fat and wide bastard knives! Why even make a stabber for normal use!

  4. the part of the hand, isn't that called something along the edge side or knife side of the hand? in dutch for example "De snijkant van zijn rechterhand was rood en gezwollen." (the cutting edge of his hand was red and swollen). seems that there would be an equivalent in english. missed opportunity ????

  5. The TOPS Pienero looks very usable, but they lost me at 1095. A knife that rides EDC in my clothing and gets used for food prep has to be stainless. Doesn't have to be a supersteel, even 440C would be better than 1095 for that application!

  6. It's kind of hilarious they call you out on order of magnitude definition but also kind of love it.

  7. Had pre ordered the full immunity but it got canceled as they don't allow knife center to ship internationally ????????. But the upside. It saved me way more than 300.closer to 500 by the time currency conversion is done.

  8. I love the blade on the Dundee, reminds me of my wandering Vosteed Thunderbird, not a fan of the handle. I hope my T'Bird makes it home soon…. Bihai is on my Want List, as is the Maverick.

  9. Who would gas station that Smith&sons knife up with an add on thumb stud?

  10. I really want to own a benchmade knife someday, as I own 40 knives already, but I just can't pay that kind of money for that material. They are missing the market.

  11. Great video. As usual. I’ve been a customer for over 15 years.The last couple of orders I have made are very slow to process, get mailed, and updates as it is completed. I’ve sent messages to the company with little to no response. There are dozens of similar vendors and I’m about to end my patronage due to the lax customer service. I’m a patient person but in 2023 to place an order of in stock items,pay immediately and then wait several days until any updates, along with slow shipping, is inexcusable. I’ll still watch your videos but likely to purchase elsewhere. Beware to any buyers shopping. Very disappointing.:(

  12. Just invented a new drinking game. Any time a Benchmade is featured in a video, read all the comments and every time someone complains about their pricing, you gotta drink. Good luck, hope you get in early before the comments start rolling in.

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