"Nicole Barre" Of The Walking Dead Was Swarmed By Bees & Called JPthebeeman!

Nicole Barre who played the role of “Kathy” in AMC’s The Walking Dead called me out to her home to re-home some bees that had taken up residency in her owl box which was attached to a tree in her backyard.

Her brother Hans Barre has been a subscriber to my youtube channel for many years now & referred me to his sister for this job.

In this video you can see me removing the hive & transferring them into a 6 frame nucleus hive box.

The bees were very docile albeit it was extremely windy that day.

I went back later that evening to pick up the bees which will be relocated to Gonzales, Louisiana.

Hope you are having a fantastic day & thank you for visiting my channel!

20 Replies to “"Nicole Barre" Of The Walking Dead Was Swarmed By Bees & Called JPthebeeman!”

  1. Good video. Nicole looks a lot younger in real life (well, a video of real life), than she does in the show. In this video she looks like she's in her twenties 😲 Anyway, good video πŸ‘

  2. Your remark about the nectar sparked some recollection from when I worked on traditional lands of Australian Aboriginal cultures in the outback, because sometimes they would bring me what are known as 'honey ants' as a treat.

    Honey ants are a specialized variation which act as living reservoirs for nectar collected by workers which hang from the roof of deep chambers within a nest and are generally about the size of a pea.

    The sweet nectar the ants contain is quite tasty but they are only dug up after infrequent rain which softens the ground because it is normally hard as cement.

    I equate the flavor of the ant nectar to the scent of the wildflowers it comes from and you can clearly taste all the distinctly different scents in the nectar which makes it a most unusual but delightful experience.

  3. Yes that was a duck box . Now for the bee’s this is a great story of how a big world becomes rather small . So happy as usual you where able to relocate these bees to a much better location and home . Thank you

  4. I didn't think I'd encounter a Walking Dead spoiler watching a bee video…

  5. Could there be any more background noise during your intro? 🀣🀣 I'm dying.

  6. I'm so surprised at how quickly they start sending a relocate message after you shake them. They barely touched the box and were calling for their sisters to join. What makes them change so quickly?

  7. It is one thing to keep and handle bees. What JP is doing takes that to a whole new level. I am seriously amazed at how this man understands the nature of these little creatures and can anticipate how best to use their nature to gently coax them into a new environment created specifically for them. Amazing…

  8. That simple-yet-ingenious bee cage for the queen which fully allows the workers to care for their "society's" leader and to be preserved in a better location, which will include great pollenization of farmers' crops, what a wonderful way for the human race to care for Gd's Creation!

  9. Make one video how to keeping bees at home.. step by step.. i love to learn to make honey myself.

  10. That rotted box needs to go away. It is there to attract more bees without any other use.

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