No Fog on Glasses- New Style 3D Face Mask Sewing Tutorial | Breathable Face Mask DIY | Easy Pattern

This is a new style very easy and quick breathable 3D face mask sewing tutorial. This new style fabric face mask protects glasses from fogging while wearing it. Anyone can make this breathable DIY mask with a simple pattern.
This cloth face mask sewing machine tutorial is easy and quick. You can also hand sew this simple DIY 3D face mask using old clothes.
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18 Replies to “No Fog on Glasses- New Style 3D Face Mask Sewing Tutorial | Breathable Face Mask DIY | Easy Pattern”

  1. Thanks again for another clever design. So far, I have tried at least 3 of your designs. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is beautifully done. In Canada they suggest a 3-layer mask now so I will put a layer of non woven interfacing as well

  3. History doesn’t repeat itself but it often 'rhymes'
    pandemics happening too many 'times'
    We are afraid of too many 'deaths'
    everyone restricted
    mask what he 'gets'
    who people blame
    of course these 'bats'
    with breathing helping me a special mask frame
    end of fun 😀 – this really helping me nowadays maybe it could help someone else too

  4. Don’t make a claim about no fog on glasses if you can’t show the mask on a face with glasses. I appreciate the time it took to put a video together, but I need to see the mask on a human face at the end.

  5. Thanks for the video however I am not enjoying the o fog demo as it fits according the design thank you

  6. Маска красивая. Но как она смотрится на лице?Как прилегает?

  7. I have just followed this video and the design does not make sense. When tried with glasses on they still fog up. Sorry but i feel this design is not suitable.

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