North Carolina Pulled Pork + Homemade Sweet Coleslaw

Years ago a buddy from North Carolina introduced me to a pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw. I didn’t think I would like it, but the sweetness and moisture from the slaw on top of sweet pulled pork was an instant favorite.

In this recipe and video we add another North Carolina staple, Cheerwine, to make a delicious BBQ sauce. This classic southern, cherry soda is truly the cherry on top of this sandwich!

NC Carolina Pulled Pork Recipe:
Cheerwine BBQ Sauce recipe:
Sweet Cole Slaw recipe:
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12 Replies to “North Carolina Pulled Pork + Homemade Sweet Coleslaw”

  1. Matt, my mouth is officially watering right now. I purchased a Traeger smoker last year and I had never smoked anything in my life to that point. I purchased a couple of your rubs, and followed your baby back rib method/recipe to a T and everyone said they were the best ribs they have ever had. My son said that I ruined they restaurant ribs for him, because they could never be as good as these. I can't wait to try a brisket, and now pulled pork! Thanks for the videos and products! keep them coming. Oh, and how is it that you don't weigh 300 lbs??

  2. Hey how about donating your Montana Knife Company knife to me since they don't have any in stock right now!

  3. As you were pulling the pork apart I was thinking you should taste it then add some more rub so every piece has seasoning. Glad we're on the same page this time. ????????????

  4. This is 100% a NC video. Pulled pork and Cheerwine. I couldn't find any glass bottled Dr. Pepper when the last video came out, so I made it with Cheerwine and everyone enjoyed it.

  5. Pete Jones BBQ is right down the road from where I live and its awesome BBQ for sure

  6. Why do you not just screen in the front of your outside cookery, then no flies. Is that too simple or what?

  7. You gotta own a BBQ seasoning company too use that much rub ol boy… that's powdered gold at $10 a shaker haha.

  8. Meat Church rocked it again! Thanks for the slaw recipe. Going to have to make that.

  9. say I keep it rolling till its done; what liquid if any can I put with it and the rub after pulling like u did w the juice from the fat separator ?

  10. Mr. Matt Pittman, are you going to be selling your meat church butcher paper online? I would really like to purchase it..

  11. There's a local BBQ in suburb of Kansas City, called Jazzy B's, that makes an apple jicama slaw that is amazing. I'd love to make it at home but they are tight lipped about the recipe!

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