17 Replies to “Nostalgia is a powerful ingredient”

  1. My nostalgic food is both macaroni and cheese (craft obvious) with cut-up hotdogs and ketchup and the other is mashed potatoes and grave with corn

  2. I remember one time my dad was put in charge of dinner so he made burgers, but he also included diced apples into it.

    It was a hit. I loved it.

    I miss him so much.

  3. I never was able to have much of a relationship with my father from work and losing him at a young age, but when I was able to spend time with him it was when he allowed me to have coffee with icecream before bed, but only when my mom was out with friends. We would watch the walking dead or ash vs evil dead and at the end of it he would always tell me “don’t tell momma.” Brings back memories I wish I was still able to do with him.

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