Notebook decoration || bujo cover #satisfying #painting

Bullet journal cover spread, Journal spreads , Bullet journal themes, How to decorate your diary,

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If you’re new, hi, my name’s Farjana!
On this channel I always try to show the easiest way of drawing and Painting. From here you can improve your drawing skills. Hope you enjoy my videos and find them helpful!!
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24 Replies to “Notebook decoration || bujo cover #satisfying #painting”

  1. It is realistic drawing ????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Can u draw step by step drawing of devil versus angel on your YouTube channel (full video)

  3. Ооооочччччееееенннььььь Красиво ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Assalamu Alaikum Farzana api,
    I saw your interview with RJ kebria bhaia thats awesome Ma sha allah your looking so cute and the best moment is when he asked about your future plan and you said 1.Perform Hajj???? & 2. Lead an Islamic life. Seriously that touches my heart❤ Love you so much ❤????????

  5. I think you're in the cottage for like 2 seconds but I didn't cause. I already knew what she was doing 1st.

  6. ????????????….. ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????

  7. Amazing work ♥️???? so beautiful ❤️
    today I know that you are from Bangladesh ???????? did anyone know else she is from Bangladesh?

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