Olivia Culpo Takes the Hi-Lo Makeup Challenge | About Face

With a 2012 Miss Universe title under her belt, it’s safe to say that Olivia Culpo knows a thing or two about beauty. Today, she’s putting makeup dupes and drugstore alternatives to the test. Watch her step-by-step tutorial and see how you don’t need to spend tons of cash to look like a queen: http://glam.com

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28 Replies to “Olivia Culpo Takes the Hi-Lo Makeup Challenge | About Face”

  1. I think the contouring makes her look much older and more unhealthy, where her no makeup face looks so fresh and healthy and glowy!

  2. Olivia, I must say first you are absolutely stunning!!! ???? what’s the brand of that lipstick you mention at the end?

  3. This is so true. But yes, all we need is a great skin to achieve a great make up from drugstore baby

  4. Ok So personally I find the drug store bronzer that she used to be “muddy” looking, cheap fix is to use physicians formula’s butter bronzer which is a better drug store alternative. Alternatively, Milani baked blush in “luminoso” would be a nice dupe for Charlotte’s ecstasy blush & it’s also drugstore. A great dupe for the Armani foundation is the lumi foundation from L’Oréal & a great concealer from the drug store can be found in wet n wilds photo focus concealer or in maybelline’s age rewind.

  5. the high end makeup shows a more smoother finish in my opinion. i don't like the bronzer look on the drugstore side. it makes it look like dirt on the face.

  6. the thing is though, the cheaper stuff might be full dangerous chemicals and other crap that you wouldn't want to put on your face anyway

  7. so this girls teach us that we don't need expensive make up…. or drugstore make up just be born that beautiful ????

  8. She had already all makeup on , evident on skin, eyes, lips, brows… What's the point of the video then?

  9. I thought she had makeup in the beginning of the video! ???????????? She doesn't need makeup.

  10. She looks so old…..very gard to believe she is only 24! either she hides her actual age or really bad genetics. I mean she looks about JLO's age who is like 45!!

    and her face looks extremely greasy

    like wtf if I was that rich I would invest in better oilcontrolling products

    she needs a mattifying powder not these shit!

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