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  1. You probably have cholinergic urticaria, I have it too, usually related with stress, heat and the practice of sports. Not a big of a deal, just bring histamine medication with you, cuz there isn’t a cure for this

  2. Warning graphic images? I’ve seen acne worse than that. Get over it people.

  3. My sister got these a few weeks ago, she still has them and nobody knows how to this day 💀

  4. Ann Reardon from How To Cook That talked about this several years ago. I think she was allergic to something that she uses and eats often (she's a baker) + running. Maybe it was peanuts? Apparently you should wait 24 hours after you've eaten the thing before you can go running again, else you'll get an allergic reaction. Hives is one thing, I believe Ann's was an anaphylactic reaction so she had to be sent to hospital.

  5. In October I started getting mysterious hives and rashes suddenly and severely on my face, neck, chest, shoulders and sometimes arms or lower body. At that same time my fingernails began detaching from the nailbeds, a couple months later, my toenails. I eventually had to trim my detached nails away until I was left with only about 1/3 of every nail left and worsening and hives appearing again every 3-5 weeks. Only recently did I figure out that I've become allergic to ANOTHER medication. A common injectable numbing agent that had been accompanying prolotherapy treatments in my surgically repaired shoulder. You'd think I'd figure it out faster but, I wasn't reacting at the injection site specifically nor the day of injection. It took a combination of environmental factors following the injection and my reactions were throughout my entire system, showing up in places most exposed to the elements. The tissue swelling was particularly severe on the nailbeds, causing them to detach.

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