One Plus 11 = Not quite back…

Today – we durability test the new OnePlus 11. The Latest flagship from OnePlus comes after two previous OnePlus phones divided by zero. If you understood that joke – you are an official nerd. Welcome to the club! The New OnePlus phone looks cool on the outside… but is it durable? In this video… we find out.

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19 Replies to “One Plus 11 = Not quite back…”

  1. Jesus, once I began hearing the crackle I was sure the phone was doomed. Very surprised it didn't snap but im sure that with continous force it most likely will. Thanks for yet another great video Zack! You the man!

  2. Jerry sir please don't crush this 1+ 11 please sand me this phone on this condition please ???? I need this phone ?

  3. It does my "head" in when he's breaking all these phones. I've still got my OLD! Samsung S6 I've had it for 7- years and it still looks brand new and the battery is ok. I'm just so far behind for a (s23 series) it's ok..??.

  4. OnePlus should really hire a durability guy where he tests all of OnePlus’s latest smartphones to see if it’s durable enough

  5. Watching from my OP11. Never have I heard of anyone who's phone broke by snapping in half, I think I am fine for several years with mine?

  6. Every time you say "red rubber ring" the song "Red Rubber Ball" plays in my head! The Cyrkle was/are/will ever be a great band.

  7. Good demo but I suffer with each scratch. Reminds me of Dexter playing with his victims. :/

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