Only Place on Earth Where 1 Day Lasts 6 Months

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You’re hit with a chill like you’ve never felt before. The blinding sunlight obscures your view, but it doesn’t help you to warm up at all. This is your first day at the South Pole station, and it wasn’t easy to get here. You meet your coordinator, ready to begin your new life in the most remote place in the entire world.

You’ll soon find that the South Pole weather isn’t even the most extreme thing down here. Living at the station for one year, the most mind-boggling oddity is that the Sun never sets! One day just continues into the next and the next, and so on for 6 months! But then, the remaining 6 months are endless darkness as the Sun doesn’t rise.

Will you survive living in the extreme conditions of the South Pole for a year? ????


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14 Replies to “Only Place on Earth Where 1 Day Lasts 6 Months”

  1. A day may last 6 months coz the sun in in constant daylight not that it freezes time????

  2. Yep… This is how long math class feels….

    ( btw if you where to calculate 8 Antarctica hours that would be 48 regular days)

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