Oops, I Did It Again…I Bought More Hydrangeas….

Hello. My name is Danielle. And I cannot stop buying hydrangeas. Let’s add more hydrangeas to my hydrangea garden!

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  1. Great Video — Have you considered adding treillage, espalier or some ornament for the back of the accessory building? Looks like an opportunity to add some interest on an otherwise blank white canvas.

  2. Your garden is breathtaking, it’s always so peaceful going through it with you

  3. LOL love the title! ha, ha.. I think we can all understand the hydrangea obsession, and that gardening is our work out. We are here with you! I have a Q- I just bought 3x new macrophylla hydrangeas in 1 gal pots so they're young about 1' tall, how long and how many times a day should I water them. I will be installing a drip system.

  4. We just added 3 more oakleaf hydrangeas in our new woodland space. But we went with snowcicle, since we just do not have the space for another of my all time fav — Snowflake.

  5. Another great video. Your garden looks beautiful. I have your hydrangea addiction as well. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  6. You are such an inspiration. Love your gardens and your channel. It’s a beautiful day here in Missouri. Hope your weather is great also. Have a wonderful week.

  7. If they grow well in your area .. why not? Do what u love ! They will multiply soon too. Not like in my state – I have to replace plants every year since I don’t like perennial bushes.

  8. Foxgloves will give you that color pop in that section starting in May or Lupines.

  9. You can never have too many hydrangeas and yes, I would rather move rock and dig holes than go to a gym!❤

  10. i lost sooo many seedlings this year with spiders mites… no more peppers… on 9 kind of tomatoes only 2 made it …angelonia … and agastache that i started in february ???? i will be more aware in the futur in 5 yrs of growing indoor was my 1st time . the garden looks beautiful!!!❤

  11. Thank you for your garden content, always so helpful! Can you please tell me what kind of watering can you have? I cannot find one that I like and every time I see you watering, i think thats what I need! Thank you.

  12. I totally get what you said! To me it’s David Austin roses I have collected over the years, and there’s always room for more! ????
    I can also watch your garden tour everyday. It really makes me want to go out and keep working on mine. Thank you ???? ❤

  13. "A good day is always transformed into a great day when you plant a new hydrangea" ~ My new mantra! Beautiful garden!

  14. I just have to say your videos are wonderful. They give me such inspiration joy and it feels like listening to a “friend” talk in her garden. I love the updates. Keep them coming!

  15. I love your hydrangeas!!!

    Does anyone have hydrangea recommendations; I live in zine 9b, pretty full sun yard, even the shaded areas and northfacing areas get a ridiculous amountof sun. Trying to find some beautiful hydrangeas that can deal with the sun.

    (I do know that most hydrangeas need filtered light/part sun. I see things like limelight and a few other types on the proven winners page says full sun and some reviews agree, but some disagree on there. Just scared to risk it).

    Any information is appreciated ❤

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