Opening a Restaurant? Recipe Fails? Revealing Relationship Secrets!

We had so much fun with this one. Thanks for all of the great questions!
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@MadeWithLau YouTube Channel
Green Mars:
The How of Happiness (by Sonja Lyubomirsky)

0:00 Intro
0:25 Favorite quick and weekend breakfasts
1:11 What are you afraid to cook?
2:11 Recipe failures
5:05 Why fine dining cooks stick with it?
6:48 Suggestions for cooking chicken breasts?
7:16 Why preheat the oven to bake potatoes?
7:54 What type of restaurant would you open & what would be the cuisine?
9:23 What skills should home chefs master first?
10:18 How do you feel about Celebrity chefs on YouTube?
12:42 How far could Brian go on a cooking competition show?
14:15 Too much fat or sugar in your recipes?
15:10 Best food city you’ve visited?
15:50 Next on the travel wishlist
17:59 Learning Spanish with Babbel (#ad)
18:59 Cooked or uncooked pizza sauce?
19:46 What YouTuber’s food would you want to eat most?
10:19 Worst cooking injury?
21:40 Favorite restos in St Louis
23:33 Guilty pleasure foods
24:40 A day in our lives
27:53 Food Brian hates?
28:18 Cleaning tips
29:07 Foods you buy weekly?
29:33 New ingredient you’re excited about?
30:10 Cookbook (revisited)
32:17 Stainless vs nonstick cookware
34:06 Lorn and Gluten, favorite GF recipe
37:38 Salting veg at the start of sautéing?
38:42 The truth about sponsors
40:37 How we work in the same house and keep a happy marriage
43:07 Binder agent that holds the relationship together
43:47 Upcoming collabs?
44:28 Merch update
45:48 Goals for future of content creation
46: 47 Lorn’s surprise ending
50:01 Wrapping it up + let’s eat this thing (without food)

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27 Replies to “Opening a Restaurant? Recipe Fails? Revealing Relationship Secrets!”

  1. When you say mackerel and eggs, are you referring to small cans of fillets or chub? How else do you prepare it?

  2. Hey you two that was a great video, you are such a lovely couple. PS: and the food videos are good as well. ????

  3. Guys, you need to come to Australia! We have great restaurants, lots of variety, basically every cuisine you can imagine. And it’s a great place! Go for it!

  4. I don’t print my recipes I just save the pdf to my notes cooking folder. That’s way I can open them on my iPad

  5. This is the first AMA I've seen since subscribing and I loved it way more than I thought I would. Super fun! You're content is great and though I enjoy a lot of the other food creator channels a lot as well, I've actually made more from your channel because it hits the sweet spot for delivering flavor while not taking 40 hours for a meal.

  6. So glad you don’t want to be on a cooking show – I despise that high pressure rubbish. I love your vids so much, try a bunch of your recipes, and today my jumbo muffin pan you recommended arrived ( I’m in Australia – ????the shipping cost more than the pan) but I am so happy. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

  7. Brian, Lauren, if you want any recommendations of places to eat in Tokyo please let us know! I have lived in Tokyo for the past 8 years and I would love to help out if you don't know how to find good places or make reservations 🙂

  8. I appreciate your videos in a classic YouTube type of style. I understand sponsorships, and glad that they're brands that aren't scams. Your videos aren't gimmicks and seem to be recipes you want rather than feel forced to make. Thanks for the content, and here's the to the years to come.

  9. When you said one of your goals was to make your videos more clear and concise, I was like, "Huh?!?" Your videos are among the most clear, concise, and effective at conveying concepts out there.

  10. I loooove this channel in general but man it is so fun watching these Q&A's too! Absolutely adore this channel, thanks both of you, for doing what you do!

  11. Hey bri!! just wanna let you know that you got a fan in thailand too!! Love your channel! Good job, man!!

  12. Happy anniversary!
    (Of the channel. And of your marriage, whenever that rolls around.)

  13. I clicked this video thinking "oh, this is a long one, maybe ill skip around a bit", and then i looked at the time and I had watched all 51 minutes…great interview and cool to see some BTS stuff!

  14. 49:40 Green Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson): heck yeah. (And all his other Mars books.) (And all his other non-Mars books, especially Years of Rice and Salt.)

  15. So proud of you guys!! A comment on merch. I, and I assume many people here, are more than happy to pay a bit more for quality. I want to rep you guys forever!

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