Over Designed Minis are RUINING Painting

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0:00 Intro
1:34 Prepping for Vibrancy
2:36 Testing New Paint and Base Coating
3:50 The Power of Perfect Shadows
6:32 Don’t Screw Up the Highlights
8:20 My Thoughts on Broken Anvil Paints
9:11 Talking with Sean about Sculpting for the Painter
13:56 Final Thoughts and Outtro

10 Replies to “Over Designed Minis are RUINING Painting”

  1. I definitely have had to develop an eye for the files I buy to print. Some look amazing on the page and great in the slicing software where you can zoom and really get a good look, but then you don't quite get a sense of their actual size when printed. And I tend to print my figures at 60-70mm since I am painting for display rather than gaming. Even at that scale, I've had some that print out with details that are too delicate to really hold up. I can't imagine what they'd be like at gaming scale.

    So I tend to favor the sellers that have nice, chunky major forms but with good detail that's still kind of bold. Sculptors that model stuff with the same kind of bold sensibilities like the creators of the Wakfu animated series.

  2. The nice thing about being a Eldar player in 40k is that while our models are small, they emphasize graceful curves and clean designs, not many (other than YOU corsairs) have a ton of fiddly straps and stuff

  3. I love that spin in your chair intro on every video. I hope you never change it. It'll be a sad day in the world if you do. ????

  4. Relicblade is a pretty solid game from top to bottom. I've been collecting it for a bit now and finally got to play a few rounds last month. Well worth some cash.

  5. I completely agree. There's so many minis out there that are beautifully painted that I just don't even want to look at because my eyes don't have a place to land on them. There's a beauty to simpler minis.

  6. I've been enjoying buying old-school minis and painting them up, or minis from companies like Reaper Minuatures, Knucklebones, Rebel Miniatures, North Star Military Figures, and Ramshackle Miniatures. I'm getting tired of the " detail porn" and I don't need every inch of my mini covered in skulls, holy symbols, and other bits and bobs. I can focus less on minuit details and more on the actual act of painting.

  7. ngl i don't mind the overdesigned minis but i somewhat agree, that's why legit I've been removing a bunch of small details on my adepta sororitas because they either look dumb or its just too busy tbh

  8. I really like this paint style. I think it would look great on Marvel United minis.

    Regarding the Broken Anvil paints; how is the consistency compared to ProAcryl?

    The short chatnwith Sean was fantastic. He seems like such a great person, and i love that he puts in custom sketches into the rule books. Also Relicblade is grea fun!

  9. I really like this more vibrant highlighting and shading strategy – thanks!

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