Packing Essentials When Traveling With A Child l Packing For Kids

Samairra and I have traveled a lot together but this was our first vacation when its just the two of us!  And this time we were off to Dubai, a trip we were super excited for!  But before we show you all the adventures and share all our Dubai stories with you, here I am packing for the trip.  Traveling with a child is not easy and for me since it was the first I was traveling alone with Samairra, it made me all the more nervous.  Here I am showing all of you the essentials to pack when traveling with a child!  

Disclaimer: The medication is according to what suits my child. For medicines please use as suits your child according to your doctor’s advice.

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  1. i have even seen you in tv serial karm fal data shani and you were very good at the role of chayya

  2. Tell how to go to dubai.. I mean expenses and website any particular through wich we can book our packages

  3. Informative video thx…but Samaria is too skinny hope she gain some weight …ptherwise she is fit 👍

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