Pantry Meal Kits For Budget, Recession Proof Meals

Pantry Meal Kits for budget, recession-proof meals. Recession-proof meals made with shelf-stable ingredients. These pantry meal kits offer security when you know that you’ll always have all the ingredients for your meals. These are perfect for camping, 72 hr kits, and even for your college students.

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  1. great I deal for different families or neighbors around the holidays that maybe struggling a little or r just in need. also to barter with someone in exchange of something that they may have that u maybe in need of. good way to take part of a potluck for church functions or family reunions.

  2. Thank you so much for all these great ideas for the pantry. Another quick meal to keep on hand in a bag is a can of chili and rice.

  3. I absolutely love these ideas. Thank you so much. Its quick and easy meals. The whole family can put a meal on the table if mom is too busy to cook.

  4. I love this video, I’m going to add one baggie to each of our cars to have in case we need it. It’s perfect. Thank you

  5. Seriously the most random thought! I wish you could come organize my YouTube video output with the little post it. But instead I’m just sitting here watching you!

  6. A small jar of pesto, 1Ib of Farfalle pasta, cup of Parmesan cheese. Great cold or warm. I add green olives for a cold salad lunch.

  7. Awesome job Kimmie! Do I have to buy this book to get the recipies? I do not see them on your site. Love & Blessings from Fla.

  8. AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing this video. I never thought about this and it would make cooking so much easier plus no stressing over if we have items. 👍

  9. Thanks so much!!! These are great ideas of what to do with our prepping food stash. Where can we find the recipes?

  10. This is terrific! The church helps with food for those in need. These kits on hand, to give with basic food stuffs might be something that could be done. One meal that could be prepared without having to figure things out. Just seems like a relief for anyone, something needed just for one night, an unburdening.

  11. This is such an awesome idea!!! Where can we get the recipes for the recipe cards?

  12. I'm new to your channel. Great video. Is there a place to find the recipes for these bags?

  13. Some other good choices to add cheese to a recipe is cheddar cheese soup or the packets of Velvetta cheese soup.

  14. Recipe cards… I had a stroke. Where is the recipe cards, so I do this.

  15. Southern Frugal Momma did this on her channel a few weeks ago. I did this after seeing a few of her go to meals. It’s helped us for just busy nights and not knowing what to make.

  16. I love your ideas but I won't go near any jar sauces. I'm kinda shocked you and your family will eat them beings you make your yummy Italian gravy. Jar Alfredo sauce 🤢 I don't consider my family picky either.
    Like your chicken or tuna casserole, I make a hamburger or ground turkey casserole. Brown your meat with a chopped onion, salt and pepper. Add canned mushrooms pieces, canned water chestnuts and cream of mushroom or chicken soup and simmer. Make your Mac n' Cheese, a little wetter than normal and put on top of the meat mixture. Turn the pan off cover and let it rest while you set the table and gather your vegetable. We always eat green beans straight out of the can 🤣 We like them cold.
    Kids love this recipe 😋

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