Hi everyone! Welcome to Peachybbies you lil peaches!

Today, I wanted to show you a lil sneak peek of the new slimes I’ll be selling today ( RESTOCKED AT 3 PM💕💕) Hope you like it!


🍑Winter Mint – Ultra glittery mint slime
🍑Unicorn Tears – Pastel Butter Slime
🍑Grab Bag Minis
🍑Fish Scales & Mermaid Tails – Ultra iridescent fishbowl slime
🍑Melted Barbie & Ken
🍑Tropical Fruit Salad
🍑Melted Mint Chip – Jiggle chocolate mint scented slime
🍑Peach Pit Floam – Peach scented cream cheese floam
🍑Shamrock Shake Crunch – Vanilla mint scented cream cheese floam
🍑Iridescent Snow Floam – A minty, iridescent full-floam
🍑Cantaloupe Chew – Cream Cheese slime with pastels n Mellon scent



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18 Replies to “PEACHYBBIES SLIME RESTOCK – March 18th🍑”

  1. Omg remember when you started here look where you are now lol (I’m coming for your clay kits this Friday)

  2. If you see this peachy I love your videos so much I am your fan but can I please get slime because it’s almost my birthday and I don’t know if you will see this but I hope you see this i’m gonna need seven slimes please I beg you if you could send me and you can decide how the seven slimes can look like you can decide the ingredients the decorations thank you again and I hope you see it

  3. It feels nice to come back to the beginning of this wonderful channel and store!

  4. Fun fact your here to see their first video

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