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The Mamacita Cosmetics peel-off glitter glue gel is meant to make glitter removal easier than ever. You apply the glue with a brush, pat glitter over top, and gently peel it off once you’re ready to remove it.
Producer Nico Reyes puts the peel-off glue to the test with fine glitter, chunky glitter, glitter shapes, and rhinestones to see how well it actually works. She also wears the glitter all day to see if the glue creases or starts peeling up before it’s time to remove it.

Products used in video:
Mamacita Cosmetics Peel Off Glitter Glue Gel, $10
NYX Professional Makeup Shaped Glitter in Cosmic Love, $8
Half Magic Beauty Face Gems in Iridescent Sparkle, $12
NYX Professional Makeup Metallic Glitter in Lumi-Lite, $6.50
Mamacita Cosmetics Spring Fling Glitter Stack, $15

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Peel-Off Glue Makes Glitter Easy to Remove | Beauty Or Bust | Beauty Insider

25 Replies to “Peel-Off Glue Makes Glitter Easy to Remove | Beauty Or Bust | Beauty Insider”

  1. Maybe with the finer glitter you should mix a bit of glue with glitter and then apply it on your eyes

  2. This looks awesome. The eye look with the hearts was adorable! πŸ’˜πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ’—

  3. This reminds me of the peel off primer that went viral a few years ago that was for your foundation.

  4. Are these glitters not microplastics? And don't many of the iridescent eyeshadows use Mica? The first is a major pollutant and the latter has been found to rely on child labour to dig and process it from the ground – mainly from 3rr world countries. Seriously: if I'm right, please switch to non polluting non exploitative brands. If not, apologies.

  5. Also this will help us all to be a little more environmentally conscious. Washing glitter down the drain gets contaminates water supplies and natural water sources. Micro plastics are pretty but they suck! Using glue will make it so easy to safely throw it in the trash instead! 🀩🀩🀩🀩 and it’s a small business? This is great!!!!

  6. The first look is so simple but to die for!!! Love the whole laid back concept of sitting on your bedroom floor and talking about products. Keep it up nico.

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