People with laminate countertops are flipping over this genius idea!

This incredible, budget countertop transformation is sponsored by @My Flipping Life with Retique It
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12 Replies to “People with laminate countertops are flipping over this genius idea!”

  1. The counter tops turned out great, can't believe it!!!
    Also, the girl doing the counter tops, are you from the south? The reason I ask is because you keep saying "you all" but I don't hear any accent???

  2. I need to redo my bathroom sink and countertop which are one piece. Can I use this kit to do the sink too?

  3. We use a few glass or wood cutting boards around the stone and other places to protect out counter tops,this is why we never have burns or cuts,I strongly suggest this with any treatment on your counter tops,as well as you can also apply a light wax once in a while,this will help objects slide easily and cut down on wear and tear !

  4. say affordable..but ya couldn't tell us the cost❓
    ..come on..sheesh

  5. I zoooooomed in to REALLY look at the texture and I want this product. I would have never known about this unless I saw it on Hometalk. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  6. I don't want a wood finish, I just want to change the color of my 1980's mauve countertop. Does Ritique It have a kit for that too?

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