Permaculture Backyard Gardening Harvest, Sustainable Food Forest Garden

“If you want organic food, you have to grow it yourself.” -Bill Mollison
Today me and Tuck are harvesting the best food in the world, and the great thing about it is that anyone can grow it too if they have the space. Not even kings can get food this good, and when you grow the food using permaculture principles the work becomes easier and the food gets sweeter with every passing year.


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17 Replies to “Permaculture Backyard Gardening Harvest, Sustainable Food Forest Garden”

  1. I just LOVE watching your channel. Your up beat attitude & enthusiasm about your plants is hysterical. And that little dog Tuck is the sweetest. I am 90% more likely to keep watching your videos once Tuck shows his adorable face (no offense to you Lol). I watched another of your videos recently where in the back ground Tuck grabbed a carrot and ran off like a little bandit. So funny. Oh yeah, very informative videos also.

  2. This is my dream backyard for the future! Economic friendly and Healthy as well. 😍

  3. Your garden is a success if a bunny has moved in. You don't have a bunny problem, you have a lack of predator problem. Or an over abundance problem……you said it before

  4. Planted my 1st cucumber ( 2 plants ) and sungolds ( 5 plants )this year in raised beds on my patio and i can't believe how much they have produced allready ( Had 4 cucumbers this week and there's about 50 sets of tomatoes formed and started to ripen !!( we've had a heatwave in the Uk around 30-35 degrees for 2 weeks and the plants have just exploded in growth and fruit . Just like to say a big thank you James , you gave me the motivation to do this and i've manadged to get myself an allotment for next year …bring it on !!

  5. Come on Tuck you can do it! Get those bunnies 🐰🤣. ❤️ y’all, Kristy in Missouri zone 6b 😃🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. How do you handle all that abundance? Are you canning/preserving or feeding the neighborhood?

  7. You must not have issues with cabbage worms up there? Or if you do, do you use BT or Spinosad for that?

  8. james..that not indonesia we make that indonesia name pare😁

  9. James you and tuck the best I have learned so much I am planting I am happy to follow your way off preparing the ground before I plant you have so much to reap thanks for sharing with us I plant what I have and. Enjoy my garden my friend thanks for sharing you and tuck

  10. please take good care of little Tuck and yourself! Drink water and eat a lot of fruits!

  11. Just love it!🍏🍎🍐🫐🍓🍇🍉🍒🍑🍅🍆🌶🥒🥬🥦🧄

  12. Hmmmm bitter melon … fresh eating is best for the ripe ones…or the Okinawa white bitter melon.

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