We adore pets here at Bright Side. Isn’t it awesome to have somebody who loves you dearly by your side at all times? Take a look at all the cute moments every pet owner has experienced!

We give up our own personal space for our pets 0:11
We have around 1,358 photos of our pet from “last night’s walk 0:23
Everyone has turned their ears inside out at least once… 0:29
…and tried glasses on them 0:38
We know tons of people who have stuck their finger in a yawning pet’s mouth at least once! 0:47
We get very upset when our pet seems to like someone else 0:55
And we feel their pain too 1:07
We also bear the odor from their cute little mouths… 1:15
We use them as pillows but very carefully so as not to squeeze their tummies too hard 1:22
If they do something extraordinary, we always gather everyone in the family to watch the miracle happening! 1:30
We have shown them their reflection in the mirror at least once 1:41
We pretend to be dead to see how much they love us 1:52
And we love them so much that we just squeeze them hard! 2:02

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13 Replies to “PETS VS. THEIR OWNERS”

  1. Hey guys! Are you a cat person or a dog person? I love both cats and dogs!

  2. 1:11 exatly i will cry at vet for my cat my legs will shiver

  3. When I first saw the title of this vid I thought it would be cats fighting humans. I was like 'Well this will be an interesting epic battle '.

  4. Actually whenever I'm laying down or just sleeping my cat to like comes over and starts meowing and it starts purring to make sure like if I'm not dead and I give her my full attention too

  5. I like cats sooooo much but sometimes their grumpy but cats are cats 😊😃

  6. This is sad, My Bunny named Bella just died form a flood. This can't be true, my pet is above me and always protect me in my side ;(

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