24 Replies to “Picanha – with or against the grain? #shorts”

  1. I wish Mitch would get his own show already…I think he'd do really well…I love watching him cook❤

  2. The theory is specifically so that you get a good ratio of the fat cap in each bite.

  3. I saw that you made a cowboy casserole but with miropoi. Have tried the king ranch casserole? No miropoi!

  4. Hello there, chef!
    You should seek the "bife de tira" cut of the picanha. It's a method of cutting it.
    Cheers from Brazil!

  5. You should not see much difference in most cases but i always cut against the grain because: 1) you might eventually serve the steak whole and you cannot control how people are gonna cut it in their plate and 2) sometimes when you cut with the grain the muscle might be tighter and you might lose more juice, especially when going for 3/4!

  6. It depends if you are cooking it as a steak or if you are slicing it off a roasting stick like the Brazilians

  7. I love your content, but that is not accurate because the piece against the grain was cut in the near end of the picanha, maybe after the third vein. This part of picanha is often harder than the rest.

  8. It’s the direction of the muscle that inverses the cut of the grain.

  9. You say picanha and us brazilians come running, truly our must loved meat❤

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