Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Sex & Dating – Ep 3: Part 1 (Ft. Taryn Southern)

In Episode 3 of Pitbull’s Gentlemen’s Code, Armando and Taryn Southern discuss the world of sex and dating, and how to be the man that ladies can’t resist. Dale!
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Taryn Southern

11 Replies to “Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Sex & Dating – Ep 3: Part 1 (Ft. Taryn Southern)”

  1. Love the video you made to help these romantically & manly impaired little boys in man sized bodies

  2. +Taryn Southern I know a woman who toched my arm and smiled a lot, and I thought what you say, until I realized that she touched every person who talked to her, she is only very very friendly  🙁
    I'm weird and I NEVER look at my phone, so, see you next tuesday 6th of january.;)

  3. Being honest, open, and yourself in your element. No guts, no glory. I can't argue with that.

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