Planer / Thicknesser (Jointer) Review – Part 2. the Thicknesser

Detailed review of a Woodstar PT 85 planer / thicknesser ( Jointer ) . Similar models branded as Charnwood, Clarke, Fox, Sealey, SIP. Part 1 covers the top planer / surfacer.
A small bench top woodworking machine planer / thicknesser / jointer. With the right hints and tips to set it up right, can do a good job.

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  1. Fabulous review-very well presented – to the point and honest from someone who really knows his machines. You're obviously a man of skill and knowledge. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi, I have had a similar one for a while, and the problem mine has is that the movable base for the thicknesser doesn't seem to be properly aligned or parallel to the blades as the resulting planed boards show a millimeter difference from left to right. Have you seen any practical way to correct that? Thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks for the show and tell…well done! Might go and fine tune mine while the points are fresh.

  4. You are very very good at explaining stuff. Much appreciated. Please don't change your way of getting it across to us.

  5. Not sure if you still see comments on this but just wanted to say cheers!
    Just been given a fox F22-564-200 which looks very similar to this and that was a really useful and well explained overview.
    So cheers!!

  6. Very GOOD review , this is what you call an experienced review and the guy knows what he is talking about and he can point you to the way of overcoming some of the bad experiences.

  7. Hi, really good videos and very informative. I have just been given the exact same machine so this information will be very useful. The one I have been given has come with a blue and white plug (16 amp plug I think), is yours the same or does yours have a standard 13 amp plug. The information on the side says it's 230 – 240 volts at 50 Hz which I think is normal for 13 amp plugs. Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. I just bought one of these machines used without seeing it and when I received it, it did not come with the suction connector. will the machine still work as it should as I have not tried it yet. Thanks

  9. I'll have to watch part 1, hoeing I find the name of the other similar machines (unless you know them?).
    Thank-you for a unbiased review.

  10. How to replace carbon brushes on this machin? I have just recently bought it and it isn`t running properly.And now it woun`t start and it smells from the engine so I think it got to be the Carbon Brushes wich has to be replaced.i have only used it for 3-4 hours so i am very disapointed that something is already wrong

  11. Hi, any comment on how well this works with hardwood? I need a planer/thicknesser for American red and white oak. Max board width of ~80mm. Ideally I'd like one that won't catch fire 😉

  12. This is a great video which sadly should have been produced by the manufacturer. Well done.

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  14. Problem I have had with this planer is setting the blades using the guage provided. Any chance you could show how you set your blades?

  15. I really like your review, thank you for sharing. I would also like to see the machine 'in action' and maybe you showing the finish the machine can achieve, e.g. snipe near the board aft extremity in the thicknesser.

  16. Hi thinking of buying one great video very informative ,keep up the good work and sawdust,

  17. @adz201 Thanks for comment. You can hone the blade between proper sharpening using a fine diamond grit card. For proper sharpening they have to be taken out. Some wet and dry paper on flat surface is one way of keeping the edge straight but I use by 6" x 2" diamond grit cards -carefully to keep the edge flat.
    If you you've nicked the blades, like i've done once an a hidden nail then you'll need some serious re-grinding. I made a jig to use on my bench grinder. I hope that helps. Cheers

  18. Great video, just bought one of these from Axminster. What method do you use for sharpening your blades?

  19. Thanks for taking the time to show the ups and downs of this machine
    very much appreciated
    rather than the usual manufacturers air brushed comments lol

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