Planting 2 Evergreens & 2 Viburnums! 🌲🌿💚 // Garden Answer

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20 Replies to “Planting 2 Evergreens & 2 Viburnums! 🌲🌿💚 // Garden Answer”

  1. Greetings from Windermere, Florida zone 9b USA 🇺🇸 😀
    Good morning, Laura, how did I miss you yesterday!?! The whole day I felt like I had misplaced something 🤣
    I missed my "Laura fix"
    I'm glad you are trying a more Permaculture way of gardening with cardboard and compost, but holy cow! What a hard hole!
    Whew! Painful to watch 👩‍🌾👍

  2. I was curious about the cardboard method. This wonderful gardening community answered my questions within the comments. Thanks everyone and enjoy your day of gardening.🌻🪴🌺

  3. I would look up what native bees or nectivores in east Oregon like 💞
    to fill in spaces creative wise.
    🎨 helps you meditate, in elder years "feeding" wildlife

    Think gives an area life …also to what people on land
    ( over thousands of years ) used to "test" 🎶 the winds.
    Maybe send some ideas down 🌤🌦for changing micro climate too.

  4. Try using a masonry bit when you encounter that hard ground, start with 1/2" and move to 1" itll help you break it up in no time. I really enjoy the videos and information btw.

  5. I used about 15 layers of newspaper eight years ago to cover lawn, dug holes for plants, put the plants in and covered with dirt and mulch. Eight years later there is only one spot through which Bermuda grass has grown. Unfortunately, it is under a juniper, so I am left to just reach in and pull out as much as I can when it rears it’s ugly head. Wish I had used cardboard, though. Much longer lasting. I covered about 40 feet of lawn, and now have a beautiful garden filled with colorful perennials. Much better than lawn for me.

  6. Not sure why they didn’t plant the viburnum FIRST, come in with the cardboard AFTER planting, and THEN put the compost on top of that but what do I know. Laura, just a friendly suggestion, I was waiting for that auger to “jump“ at an inappropriate time and open your ankle! I’m not being critical, just concerned. Good call on having Aaron finish it with proper boots, I know those are your comfortable shoes, but work boots would be a better choice for digging holes with an auger! I do admire that you are a go-getter and don’t hesitate to tackle any job, but I don’t need to have you be “out of commission” for the summer doing gardening because you’re injured and I’m not able to get my Garden Answer video fix!!

  7. The cardboard technique you're attempting won't work if the cardboard isn't completely saturated. Keeping the area wet for a week or so after laying the cardboard starts the decomposition process, making it easier to break through and plant. Dry cardboard over dry soil isn't a good representation of the technique, which can be incredibly effective when done properly.

  8. Ideally, you would soak the area, as it helps break down the cardboard and not plant in it until the cardboard and grass have broken down. But we all love planting, it will be okay! Tuck the cardboard in and cover again with the mulch!

  9. Just love the magic planting! Question for you and or your community, I just put drip hoses in my garden and then noticed on the packing that the hose had a chemical that may cause cancer. What?😳I guess there are safe hoses and tubing that are lead free, bpa free and cancer causing chemical free. What are some favorite, safe hoses that y’all are using?

  10. The effects were fun, but I did miss watching you plant. Watching the hole get dug, the crinkling biotone bag, and the dirt getting back filled is SO relaxing and never gets old. 😀🤗

  11. It helps to wet down the cardboard thoroughly before you mulch to weight it down.

  12. Yeah I either plant larger things before adding the cardboard, but in this case, I think I'd have cut a hole out first. 🙂 Also not sure about having the drip under the cardboard….

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