Planting 5 Varieties of Echinacea – They LOVE the Heat! 🔥🌿🌻 // Garden Answer

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Sweet Sandia Echinacea
Sunny Day ‘Lemon’ Echinacea
Raspberry Truffle Echinacea
Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea
White Swan Echinacea
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13 Replies to “Planting 5 Varieties of Echinacea – They LOVE the Heat! 🔥🌿🌻 // Garden Answer”

  1. Laura, everything is so beautiful and your progress (you too Aaron) is amazing ! But I have to say that the cameo appearances by Russell are the cherry on top !! 🤗

  2. Lovin the Chamecyparis 'Night Light' – anxious to see its color in winter. I have been a big fan of Thuja 'Fire Chief' for color changes.

  3. Can I ask you, what did you put in the holes where you planted the echanachea. I have been planting them every year and they never grow for me the following year. I am super frustrated. TIA.😊

  4. Planting in August! Is this risky? Do you think August is too early to move hydrangeas around or should I wait for October? I have four Summer Crush hydrangeas I want to move to a new bed but feel they will get too stressed out with the move. I am really itching to get them moved so I can start designing my new flower bed. What are your thoughts?

  5. Love the flowers, Laura, such beautiful varieties to brighten up the hot days of summer. Love the green top too💚and yes my dog perked right up with the whining of the sprinklers. Too funny! Thanks for brightening my day! Bless you and your sweet family💜

  6. I am curious about what you intend for The Hartley. I always imagined you would fill the space with wonderful plants, exotic species just as large greenhouses are meant to be surely? You however appear to be filling it with furniture like an extended outdoor space. Why have you spent so much time, effort and money and such a beautiful greenhouse to merely fill it with furniture? A bog standard conservatory or extension would have done that!!

  7. What is the difference between echinacea, coneflower, and rubekia they all look alike. Also the difference between lavender and lavendula. I have been watching your program and love watching it and now have my husband hooked on watching with me.

  8. Hey there! That raised bed design is absolutely stunning and definitely gives off that tropical vibe… I think this is my favorite of the planters I've seen you do!!

  9. Do you know why Lakota Fire was changed to Summersong Fire Finch? Lakota Fire is much easier to remember.

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