Planting 5 Varieties of Strawberry Plants! 🍓🤤🙌 // Garden Answer

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28 Replies to “Planting 5 Varieties of Strawberry Plants! 🍓🤤🙌 // Garden Answer”

  1. i know a little boy, who is going to be super happy. be nice to see if samantha loves them too. so that was a nice mistake

  2. Saw some lights advertised from Costco that might be a style you would like… thought of you.

  3. Your so lucky you get to do what you love every day!! I got to go to the Garden place in my State Bordine’s it’s my favorite place to be and bought way to much stuff for my Mother’s day present It was a very good day I got a pretty Cherokee Dog wood tree oh and I got some honey berry’s for my deck after I watched your video I had to gets so to try because I do have blueberries in pots on my deck but they are hard because of the soil

  4. I just planted 3 strawberry plants this morning. After watching the first part of your video, I paused it and ran outside to make sure I didn’t bury the crowns. All is well! Thank you for your videos. They are so inspiring and educational AND fun to watch!

  5. Honey-oye. It's named after my hometown in the Fingerlakes in NY. Gotta love those Iroquois words. It means little finger. 😊

  6. I don't know if I'm the only one but I feel like there has been a change in Laura's videos since I started watching several years ago. Poor Laura has to spend so much energy and time in videos explaining her choices and actions to ward off people from incessantly picking her apart. She's telling about the surprise strawberries on the order. Then she has to come back and explain she made sure to take care of it so the driver didn't get in trouble and it was all sorted out. Now, longtime watchers know Laura handles these things in the best way possible and do not need an explanation in the video because we trust her. It's such downer watching her explain herself to ward off haters that nitpick her apart. Poor Laura has had to change who she is to appease these gnats. Frankly what was once a upbeat, serene way to start my day while drinking coffee, is less enjoyable because of the trolls, and nitpickers. I miss the carefree happy relaxed Laura before the leaches sucked some of the joy out of it and her.

  7. Lol, that’s how I open my bags too!! 😂 Thanks so much for all the tips – I didn’t know about the planting height, so I’m going to check mine.
    Wanted to ask if you pour the BioTone directly into the planting hole or on the outside and mix it with the covering soil? Also, do you apply IronTone to edible plants?
    Again, thanks for the planting tips – this year I have beautiful pink buds on my strawberry plants, so I’m hoping they’ll do well and I can see if the strawberries taste any different from the white flowered plants.
    Hope your Mother’s Day weekend was fun and relaxing!

  8. I was given about 12 strawberry plants from a lady in our area and I planted them and now I’m waiting to see how they do:) I still have mine from last year so I hope we get a bunch of sweet tasting strawberries:) good to know about the depth of planting them:) tfs God Bless:)

  9. The runners will be the new plants. The "daughter" plants will become the "mother" plants.

  10. Does Samantha Grace know how to recognize a strawberry plant yet? I know Benjamin sure does! Can't wait to see the look on their faces when they see all the strawberry plants.

  11. I was wondering if you plan to put the iron roof railing along the peaks of the roof of the cut flower shed like you have on the Hartley? That would be so beautiful.

  12. For home growers New plants are started from the runners. Just peg down what you want and you have a new plant. You can dig and give away the ones you don't want it need. I would love to make Jan from all those berries. Great Christmas gifts, use lavishly in baking cakes and cookies. You are so blessed to be able to grow so many things. I did miss seeing Russell.

  13. OMG… I can just taste all the strawberry pies, preserves and jams! Oooooo Laura! Can't wait till harvest!

  14. I love the flower shed 🏡 can’t wait to see it finished and you start using it . I’m sure Benjamin and Samantha will enjoy the delicious strawberries 🍓

  15. Benjamin is going to have a hay day with all of those strawberries. Wonder if Samantha Grace will love them as much as he does.

  16. I first started watching your videos when I was pregnant with my first child, she’s nearly two now and this morning she managed to get my phone and an Instagram reel of Samantha Grace and Benjamin was playing, she was transfixed and watched it on repeat, looks like we have the next generation on garden answer and it is just as loved in our family as the first ❤️

  17. Your new bigger gable on your flower shed looks much better. It’s such a cute “little house”.

  18. I planted bare root strawberries I bought from Home Depot and they have done nothing! Anyone has any advice? I will probably buy strawberries that have greens on them.

  19. I was having a hard time getting up my enthusiasm for gardening this year (I am 69) but after watching two shows I was out there already remembering how much peace it has given me. When I retired 7 years ago my yard (about 0.25 acre) looked like an overgrown field. I divided it into sections (the dog yard, the pet cemetery, the aux pet cemetery, the side garden, dahlia row, the front garden, the fence line and the raised beds) and cleared out and planted perennials in a different section each year. I finished the last section last summer. I really liked making order out of chaos so I was not sure how enthusiastic I would be this year. This summer all my efforts will be in just modifying and experimenting. You truly have been my inspiration over the years. Thanks so much for sharing your joy for gardening.

  20. I've had several different varieties of strawberries planted in a container for 2 yrs now. They all turn out really tart. They've been fertized and are in at least 8 hrs of full sun. Is there anything I can do to make the strawberries turn out sweeter when ripen?

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