Planting Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Snowball Bushes & a Crabapple Tree! 🌳🌿🌳 // Garden Answer

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19 Replies to “Planting Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Snowball Bushes & a Crabapple Tree! 🌳🌿🌳 // Garden Answer”

  1. Good morning Laura and Aaron! Love hydrangeas and the tree you planted but I really was intrigued to see how the grass pathways are doing. We only got a glimpse and they seem to be looking really good. Aaron, how about a drone fly by soon?? Hugs from N.C..❤️

  2. I have to say – shame on you (just joking )))). I have just put my Christmas decor obsession under control, and because of this channel, I have become obsessed with gardening, flowers and everything in between. With my low budget, my family and I made our yard more beautiful than ever. I cant wait to see your garden in 5-10 years, I bet it will be so gorgeous. Chees.

  3. Are you ever going to start landscaping around the Hartley? You were all about the Hartley and could not wait for it to be finished so you could landscape, and you don't even really talk about it anymore. Just wondering.

  4. I wud also like to see the maintainance n care part of yr garden(the real gardening chores)… I am guessing smone else takes care of yr garden, hence u dont show that

  5. Now we know! There’s a twin of Laura……. Love snowball bushes! Mine give me so much joy and it’s so easy to care for!

  6. Love to see you working in the older parts of the garden. So glad you replaced the blue spruce. Looking forward to seeing that area get developed. Thank you for all the daily inspiration to get out and work in the garden. We are on a trip right now and I always look forward to getting back home and out in the garden. Appreciate you guys and all you do to encourage us!

  7. I do wonder from a horticultural point of view if using an auger to plant large specimen plants is a good idea in the long run as boring down like that you'd never know if there are any soil issues and those larger plants take longer to show their unhappiness and it can be too late when you notice it. While if you dig them in the usual way and make a nice square hole (which we know is best for root development) then can assess the whole vicinity. Wonder if anyone has done any proper research on the matter.

  8. Beautiful hydrangeas! I wish I was not so afraid of them. I've bought, and subsequently lost, hydrangeas on three different occasions. I loved that you included the photo of Linda Vater's snowball viburnum! I plan to have one of those some day, too. You, and Linda, too, are such an inspiration! Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your magnificent gardens.

  9. I know that your Russian Sage was not the subject of this video, but can we just acknowledge how beautifully it inserted itself into your video and just made itself a star!!! Wow! I was able to get some last year on clearance and now I long for the day it’s as full and lush looking as yours!

  10. Love the snowball trees… though here in our Canterbury (nz) springs the snowballs herald the strong winds arrival… so snow in spring becomes a normal…. thank you learnt something today too will have to move my hydrangeas … explains why they have been struggling

  11. Some years ago I bought an Oak Leaf at a BIG discount because it had a large portion missing due to a mishap. I wish I'd known the growling habit…that thing is huge and just about covers a gate but I don't care…I love it. The blooms are huge too!

  12. Beautiful plants. Makes me want more but I can't keep up with my beds in these 104° temps.

    I barked out a HA! when you said "does that make us old?" about watching the bug zapper.

  13. I love Snowball bushes! Question – mine was a gallon size planted 2020 – it is growing big and healthy But not one bloom – I didn’t cut it back at all – what would be the issue with no blooms? Your place is coming along so Gorgeous! Each area is a botanical wonderland.

  14. Every video inspires me and make me a better landscaper and gardener. Thank you for all these wonderful videos, the highlight of the day!

  15. Absolutely beautiful Ms Laura. The south garden has come a long way. Anymore progress on the Heartly ? I pray that your mother is doing better. I see my orthopedic surgeon today. Have a blessed awesome Monday and the rest of your week.

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