Planting Out Beautiful Perennials: Samantha Lilies, Agastache & Brunnera! ???????? // Garden Answer

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11 Replies to “Planting Out Beautiful Perennials: Samantha Lilies, Agastache & Brunnera! ???????? // Garden Answer”

  1. You have voles. They devastated my roses and iris. They also ate one of my ruby slippers hydrangeas

  2. Whoa ????I haven’t seen Benjamin in awhile he seems to have really grown! Love the Brenna ( I can’t pronounce that name for the life of me ! ) not a fan of that color of Hyssop . To me it looks like it’s crisped . Probably nicer off camera .

  3. Watching you planting the Agastache with that auger makes me feel so grateful for your influence in my life, Laura. You have given me courage to try and permission to fail in my garden. You should see how much I have come out of my shell decorating inside of our house and outside, thanks to your influence and your maximalist approach. ????????????????I’m wondering if my husband will get me an auger for my birthday! It looks so much easier to plant with. Our soil is extremely hard clay. ???? LOVE the tulips!!????Also, you have me wondering if you have new statues, did you replace any of them? Or is it just my lack of familiarity.

  4. Stil have tulips and daffodils! What is the degree in your zone?!
    How to know zone in my contry?

  5. Oh my Laura I can't get over Benjamin. Looks like your Garden is not the only thing growing wonderfully. Your Garden looks amazing!

  6. Even Laura has plants that don't make it. I feel better now about some of my perennials not coming up. ????

  7. Love this tour! Everything is so pretty & all your garden rooms are perfectly placed.

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