Planting Seeds & Dodging Rain Storms! 🌿🌧💚 // Garden Answer

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30 Replies to “Planting Seeds & Dodging Rain Storms! 🌿🌧💚 // Garden Answer”

  1. What makes a peaceful setting in the rain is remembering it in a hub of activity in the sun.

  2. I can hardly focus on the video because the background plants and gardens look so spectacular! What a treat to see the rain at the end!

  3. Have you reached your yearly rain numbers yet? I can’t remember you ever getting so much rain!

  4. Benjamin is so precious. Thank you for including him in some of your videos.

  5. "Can I drive?" Long pause…then, "Sure." That cracked me up! I love how you are with him!

  6. Your flower shed would look adorable with copper-colored gutters to catch rain water in barrels!! (I'm so glad y'all are getting rain, thank you for that sweet ending).

  7. Do you guys get squash bugs or squash vine borers? How do you combat them?

  8. I think all the wind that you get should ultimately make your trees all the stronger for it x 🎄😇🙏🇦🇺

  9. BE CAREFUL and thank you for the excellent container Garden videos!! This was my first year experimenting with a number of different flowers and containers and it couldn't have turned out better so far!!!

  10. Loving it Laura. So so different from last yr and the HEAT ….. now you beat the rain numerous times. SO nice to have rain. The plants are loving it!

  11. Wondering if Laura appreciated the picture for this video with the rain cloud over her head and the scared look on her face!

  12. I’m so surprised you haven’t started planting around the Hartley before it get too hot!

  13. The sound of rain is fabulous! In 8b Central Texas we don't have any. We do have triple digit temperatures all week. I'm hibernating because it's dusty. That means asthma weather.

  14. Laura, we were so proud of you when you let Benjamin drive the Gator. I heard the hesitation in your voice. The love and encouragement you give that little guy really warms my heart. We don't have any grandkids so we just enjoy yours from afar. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  15. My husband talks about me when I water my plants just before it rains. I always tell him there is no guarantee that we will get enough rain to fully water them. You planting in between storms makes me feel less crazy for being so determined.

  16. Thank you for the storm watch at the end…I just love watching weather 🙂

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