Planting up Our Kitchen Flowerbed! ???????? // Garden Answer

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22 Replies to “Planting up Our Kitchen Flowerbed! ???????? // Garden Answer”

  1. I loved listening to nature while you planted in the kitchen garden. So beautiful.

  2. Esta mujer no me gusta por gue todo en el jardin lo ase fasil no todas trabajamos asi

  3. How old is the locust? I think they can live over a hundred years old. Hopefully you’ll figure out the problem! Also, I’m in dire need of an update on your Kintzley's Ghost Honeysuckle please ❤

  4. Spring is the Best!!! Beautiful Lilacs in bloom and that gorgeous Helichrysum with the Labella pop tulips are amazing!

  5. This was just lovely. Loved watching and listening as you worked, concentrating on this one unique space. And the cats! They are like Alfred Hitchcock in his movies, always making an appearance… Russell on the loveseat as you moved it back into place! So funny! Thank you, Laura!

  6. Googled: Cankers and root collar rot are the major diseases of honeylocusts because they can girdle the stem and kill the tree. Canker disease symptoms include sunken, dead areas of bark; dieback; reduced foliage; yellow foliage; premature fall coloration; and early leaf drop.

  7. RE: Honey locust. I agree with Mary Slack's comment on how to help the tree. This is my favorite planting combo you've done in this space. Absolutely stunning ????

  8. Laura, for me you are such an inspiration, after all these years I am still learning, your garden is magnificent, I had never heard of some of the plants in your garden, now I have some of them in mine, love watching.

  9. What a great way to spend a beautiful spring morning!! Question: Do you have a special nozzle on your wand for watering or is it the one that came with it?

  10. Black stems goes perfect with the black furniture and trellis ???? love it

  11. Ohh What a lovely video. Not stressful and very peaceful.
    So nice planting ????????

  12. Cankers and root collar rot main diseases that cause problems you have

  13. I just love your videos where there is no backround music playing. You honestly don't need it.

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