Play this on the streets and you will surely make some money

The good old blues again here on the channel! If you guys like it, tell me in the comments so I can make some more videos about it!
Joking aside (about making money on the streets) that’s a good piece to entertain the people in general and there is no need for backing tracks!
I called it “Blues Again” (Davi Filho). Inspired by La Grange (ZZ Top).

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⏰ If it is too fast for you to play, you can change the speed in the “Playback Speed” settings. Usually, I would recommend the “0.75x” speed.

The guitar tablature has six lines. Each one represents a string of the guitar (the upper line represents the first string “e” and the bottom line represents the sixth string “E”).

The numbers represent the FRETS. If there is a number “5” on the upper line, you will play the fifth fret in the first string (e). If there is a number “0” on the second line (from up to down), you will play the second string (B) without hitting any fret (B open string).

Frequently, I add some guitar solo techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides to the melody so it can sound closer to the original vocals:
h = hammer-on;
p = pull-off;
/ (sl.) = slide.

10 Replies to “Play this on the streets and you will surely make some money”

  1. Hey everyone! I hope you like this video!

    Joking aside (making money on the streets…), this is a good way to start practicing the blues language on the guitar!

    And if you think it's sacrilegious to play a classical guitar this way, I'm happy to say that you can help me buying an acoustic guitar (guitars are too expensive here in Brazil) by sending me a "Super Thanks" here on YouTube or joining me on Patreon!

    See you in my next video!

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