Poke a Hole in Eggs Before Boiling, That's What Happens Next

Looking for cooking tips to master your home kitchen? Here’re 50 tricks even professional chefs ????????‍???? don’t know. Preparation techniques, little-known facts and step-by-step guides to turn any simple meal into a masterpiece of yours… or at least not to spoil food. For most of us cooking seems pretty hard, even intimidating. But that’s unless you know several cooking tricks that’ll make your time in the kitchen so much easier.

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0:00 How to boil an egg the right way
0:36 How Caesar salad was invented
1:18 Why Saffron is so expensive
1:38 Why apples float in water
2:00 Surprising place where vanilla comes from!
2:35 Pound cake recipe
2:46 How to stop bathroom mirrors from fogging up
3:39 Boeing used potatoes to test wi-fi on their planes!
3:58 What is Vegemite and Marmite?
4:10 What makes chilis so spicy?
4:55 How much peanut butter is consumed in the US per year
5:14 Herbs vs spices
5:32 A tasty zero-calorie food!
6:00 Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
6:10 Where Fortune Cookies come from
6:54 What astronauts can and can’t eat!
7:11 What is SPAM?
7:58 How to know if your eggs are fresh or spoiled
8:14 Smell this to feel more awake!
8:58 Strawberries aren’t really berries

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20 Replies to “Poke a Hole in Eggs Before Boiling, That's What Happens Next”

  1. > White chocolate is not chocolate. it is just …. and cocoa butter
    its chocolate. because of the cocoa butter. cocoa butter is what makes chocolate.

  2. Strawberry are the only fruit with the seeds growing on the outside.

    Shows us fresh cashews with visible seeds

  3. Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, stop pushing your opinions off as truth

  4. Those aren't strawberry seeds. It's actually a whole different fruit. Come on brightside! How many times do I have to correct you peeps!?!?!

  5. As someone with a nut allergy I hereby grant my 2lbs/yr of peanut butter consumption to the rest of you! Have fun, GO NUTS!!???????? (plus I now get why cashews are so expensive, always thought it was do to taste, but never having been able to try one, now I understand! Rarity.)

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