Polymer Clay Tutorial New Sculpey Product Demonstration

http://www.polymerclaytv.com In this episode of Polymer Clay TV we show how to create beautiful silkscreen designs on your polymer clay that you can create jewelry, home decor and more with! We demonstrate the new Sculpey clay called Souffle.
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17 Replies to “Polymer Clay Tutorial New Sculpey Product Demonstration”

  1. wouldn't you have to poke holes in the clay for fastenings before you bake the discs?  Otherwise how do you get the holes in the pieces?

  2. You show the silk screens but you do not say where we can purchase them, please can you tell us where we can buy the material to follow step by step to do what is on the video? thank you so much

  3. I have looked all over for the metal palette. Would you know where I can find one?? Thanks so much in advance!!

  4. Love it. I need to make buttons! This would be awesome as buttons. Can you do a tutorial and make some or do you already have one?

  5. hola, me gustaría que hicieran tutorial con subtítulos en  español, mi inglés no es muy bueno, me gustó mucho, gracias

  6. I tried your technique but think I would love the Stanislaus squeegee you use but I can't find it. Do you have a website for it? Thanks.

  7. I tried checking your description box about where I could order the silkscreen kit you used? If you know, please link me! Thanks so much for your time!

  8. Where did you get the products you used in the demo? I have looked all over the web and can't find them. You can't purchase from sculpey.com and it doesn't tell you where to get them.

  9. Can you share the name of the brush looking item you used, that is great, so much cleaner than a credit card ! Thanks

  10. I love to silk screen, I checked Amazon, not yet listed but WOW those screens are the best !

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