23 Replies to “Porta-Bote set up and take down. Hit the water easily!!!”

  1. You set it up and went in the water padding and put the boat away in about 7 minutes. Dang man I thought you said it would ASSEMBLED in 5 mins, not be done with "taking it out" .Impressive Luke!

  2. Owned a 12 ft porta bote for 10 years now and I have to say it has done its job. The only problem I’ve had with it is a small leak that I was told to repair with goop by customer service. It seems to have fixed the problem, but let me warn u. Customer service for this product feels more like some guy in a basement playing video games answering the phone and getting really annoyed that he failed the level because u made him answer the phone. U will understand what I am saying once u have to make that call. Good luck!!!!

  3. 위 영상 보고 12pt 사려고 했습니다. 그러나 실제로 보았더니 매우 무거웠습니다.펴고 접고 끌고 차에 싣기 까지 혼자서는.. 힘있는 남자 아니고서는 불가능합니다.

  4. Fuck Yeah! Rock n roll man that is fast. I have an Achilles and it takes about 15 mins to just inflate.

  5. I saw one of these boats a little over a year ago in Nehalem Bay and it blew my mind, no way I would set foot in on of those but I changed my mind now. Simple and you don't need a 3/4 ton truck to haul it. Nice job Luke!

  6. I'm local to you. Been talking to a few of my buddies about getting a boat we can use. There are a few internet people, that have prices, and forums where people have posted the price quote they got from the factory. I think it would help people if they at least knew MSRP. So they can get an idea of what they are in for. Then if they want specific pricing, sure call, or e-mail.

  7. There are a few sellers on the internet that list prices… I've been scoping these out for a few days… Unless you NEED portable, you can get a lot more boat for the same cost. These are sweet, but you're paying for the portability.

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