Post birth healing is tough… || The Abbika Series

Hey guys,

In today’s video, I’m mostly venting to you about my healing progress and where my body is at. It wasn’t easy at all. It takes time and patience.
While I thought my physical healing was coming to an end…I was really mistaken…there was a lot more in store for me.

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21 Replies to “Post birth healing is tough… || The Abbika Series”

  1. Malvika….I used to watch ur videos way back…and I love u for ur content always….but lemme just tell u that u are soo strong girl…..more power to you …..❤ Really appreciate ur birth vlogs…..managing all the things single handled and still wearing a smile ❤ keep posting such videos ???? all of us r fighting some or other thing but to see ur smiling face is just a bliss……love to abbey❤❤❤❤

  2. Do you go for vaginal birth?? Just want to ask and also where I live women have to stay always warm after birth so they have to wear sweater and warm socks and eat only warm meals. Also the elders tend to bind the tummy to get you help with belly but only in case of vaginal birth. Just saying you are doing ????

  3. I wish such vlogs were available when I was pregnant. I would know what to expect. To be moms are lucky❤

  4. I can feel every word. Just gone through everything few month back whether it’s stitches pain, delivery pain, recovery pain, postpartum depression, breastfeeding struggle, breastmilk pumps issue, jaundice to baby, excitement of seeing your baby and a lot ???? every single word i can feel. More n more power to every new mum ????????

  5. In my opinion nobody could ever portray the journey of motherhood better than malvika! Damn deep down I’m really scared of being a mother.

  6. Love love the honesty of this video. All of it is relatable unlike other Instagram mom content.

  7. No hate but its getting way too repetitive now..
    I follow malvika since a long time and liked her content..but now whenever i see her story, the only thing i see is that her day starts at 6:30 am and that she is exhausted already..i mean yes its tough having a baby…but it cant be a everyday thing to mention..we are aware and we understand it..but we need to see other things on ur profile other than the difficulties that u face!!

  8. Power to you. It shall pass too .. enjoy the moments with baby as time flies.. come out stronger????

  9. Just one advice❤️while watching your videos I really feel in how much pain you are. An advice from mom to mom❤ for 2-4 weeks you need to rest in bed this is what I did. And let you family take care of other things. When you are happy and healthy then you can take care of your baby by yourself. You should sit only when you breastfeed and go to toilet. Don’t move or get up and too much. Just like you said give your body at least 9 months to heal❤️ more power to you mommy❤️????????and hope to see you well hope you know what I mean????

  10. I just want to know was it was a water delivery as you were talking before the delivery… can you please let me know how does it work

  11. N you said u knew labour would be more difficult than postpartum.. we have difference of just 15 days of our babies.. n same story going health wise & stuff.. quiet similar story pregnancy and post partum

  12. After a c-section, I was kind of handicapped for about 1.5 months, and I felt really bad for depending upon others. Now, after 3 months, I have started to do little things at home… and I quite like it

  13. Mallsss lovely seeing you like this❤❤❤ take care ❤be happy ❤❤ blessings to abbyyy ❤❤❤

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