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Best Postworkout Supplement:

Finding the right postworkout supplement can be very confusing. Why? Because not only do you need to figure out what things you should be taking only after your workouts but you need to also figure out how much of each and what supplement brands you can trust in.

In this video I reveal the lowdown on what exactly should be in your postworkout supplement and how long after the workout you should be taking them. I cover things like creatine (and whether you should be taking creatine monohydrate or kre-alkylin), the benefits of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, glutamine, BCAA’s and more.

Postworkout supplements can deliver serious muscle building benefits if you take the right ones and at the right time. Missing the important post workout window by even minutes can seriously limit the muscle gains you can get from taking it. Whether you take postworkout supplement shakes, bars, or separate supplements you will learn the best approach to getting everything you need (and everything you don’t) exactly when you need them.

For the best workout supplements head to and look into the XLR8 post workout supplement shake. In this low calorie high protein shake you can accelerate your muscle building progress by providing your muscles with the nutrients it needs at just the moment that they are most ready to absorb it.

It’s time to take your workout supplements to the neXt level. It’s time to experience ATHLEAN-Rx

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  1. This series on your supplements is ten years old, has anything changed with them? Maybe a update series would be good.

  2. I've had a very difficult time with this product because for whatever reason my taste buds hate it even though I love cinnamon. Last time I tried to force it down and almost puked. Is there any recommendation to make it taste better?

  3. Jeff – what's your take on GNC products? For instance, I'm trying a protein blend mix I've never before called Sustained Protein Release by GNC. I can't find much research on sustained protein release so I thought to ask someone I trust!

  4. I’m lactose intolerant and whey really bothers me. Is there a good substitute to this supplement you recommend? Currently use a meat based protein but it’s kinda cheap. Also trying to figure out how I can buy your stack without this post workout

  5. Should I use RX-2 or RX-3 with breakfast the day after a rest day? In other words, which supplement is better to add in some needed protein to breakfast when I may only have time for cereal (again, not as a post workout— could be even a day or more since last workout)

  6. Why is glutamine in here, there had been no actual human studies that showed it helps with muscle building or recovery

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