Potting Up Geranium & Lettuce Seedlings + Seedling Tour! ???????????? // Garden Answer

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10 Replies to “Potting Up Geranium & Lettuce Seedlings + Seedling Tour! ???????????? // Garden Answer”

  1. Laura, I just learned to propagate geraniums and it's soliciting to take from a large geraniums and make alot of new geraniums that bloom soon.

  2. You can probably order the Gnatrol from “The Gardeners Workshop”. That’s where I got mine.

  3. Why can't you skip the first step and have the seedlings in bigger pot to start?

  4. Love your videos. but oh p[ease no more canned music. it is so jarring. would love to just hear the natural sounds we hear when we garden. that is so theraputic. please please stop the music.

  5. I planted my Geraniums at the same time as you and mine are growing nice but they are still small. What to do?????

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