P&P Pomade Demonstration

http://www.peteandpedro.com Pete & Pedro is a new line of super awesome men’s hairstyling products. P&P will help you achieve bueno hair through our salon quality collection of styling products (Cream, Clay, Putty, Paste, Pomade). Pete and Pedro is the civil union of salon quality men’s hair styling products with a quirky personality guaranteed to give you bueno hair! Aaron Marino from alpha m. and iamalpham teamed up with his stylist and buddy Stephen Posta to bring you this grooming gold! Short Hair, Long Hair, Medium Length Hair, Thin Hair, Fine Hair, Curly Hair… we have something for any and all men’s hair styles and lengths.
P&P Pomade was designed to give any hair type or texture excellent hold, shine, and control. And if bueno looking hair isn’t reason enough to pick up a can, the fact that we have designed it to be great for your hair should pretty much seal-the-deal. The P&P Pomade is infused with beneficial oils and extracts like peppermint, ginseng, and aloe. The result? Bueno hair inside and out!

How It Holds: high hold, high shine, maximum sexy

How It Smells: a refreshingly bright, yet mild mint with a hint of *dude the stuff smells GREAT*!

How to Use: open can, remove small dime size amount, place in palm, and vigorously rub hands together. Work into damp or dry hair and style. Use more if you need to. Rock-n-roll!

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  1. Are you applying it to damp or dry hair? I'm doing damp and my hair is struggling to stay were I put it. Suggestions please.

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