PR UNBOXING with James … He's Back!!!

James is finally back! Today we’re doing a huge PR Unboxing.
I hope you enjoy! xo’s Tati
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14 Replies to “PR UNBOXING with James … He's Back!!!”

  1. Good to see James again. You both look at peace. Texas agrees with yall

  2. Hey James , I get the foamy thing with toothpaste. My toothpaste has to get foamy 😂

  3. I only clicked on to see JAMES!!! Not gonna lie 🥰😎🥰😎🥰

  4. Wait what? James with a bun 😱 he just got sexier! I don’t know why James voice is so soothing to me, I love it when you guys make videos together 🥰

  5. I love you guys so much! The cutest!! My husband also has long hair I do two French braids on him and it looks very cool! Plus more comfy than a bun in his opinion ☺️🫶🏼

  6. The Sulwashoo (sp?) serum did wonders for my skin!! It came in an Ipsy bag & I fell in love with it!!!

  7. These are my favorite videos!!!!! I LOVE when you and James unbox!!! 💙 so happy to see him back!

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