Premiere Pro Basics (CS6 & above): 1 Introduction In this first tutorial, Andrew Devis introduces his new series on Adobe Premiere Pro Basics (CS6 & above) with a look at the CS6 user interface (UI) and a comparison with the CS5.5 UI, along with a brief comment on what to look for when capturing your own footage.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this version of Premiere sir. I am relearning Premiere to see if I will ever want to use it again. Know that your tutorials are helping a lot. (:

  2. Thank you so much! Been trying for years to get comfortable with PP and you’ve finally made it work for me. Excellent clear and thorough teaching style. Highly recommended.

  3. I think this tutorial series is probably one of the best ever done for PP CS6. You're explanations are simply amazing. You have a new subscriber and a big fan in Vegas. Thank you!

  4. these kinds of videos are worthless. Online tutorials need to be… less professional to be more understandable

  5. Rendering is taking too much time without the gpu hardware. Would you recommend another program that my lap top can handle. Can give you specs if that would help because. I love prem pro cc. Thanks for any help

  6. you just gained a new subscriber and a new online student haha… Your tutorials are SOOOOOOO good i learnt A LOT by watching just one video… 

  7. thanks for making these, I dont fall asleep like I do on other peoples tutorial.  

  8. excellent channel. not everyone is able to teach. you are a great teacher. thank you for your time and effort while creating these tutorials.

  9. With zero knowledge on both cinema nd technical details, I managed to produce, edit, sound engineer a short film by following your channel – BIG THANKS TO YOU. Its little late but i just realize that i could have added your channel to my credits list as well.

  10. That's because to have an easier time editing, you have to shoot it correctly ;P

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