Premiere Pro Basics (CS6 & above): 5 Workspaces In this tutorial, Andrew Devis shows what happens when you open a project saved in a previous version of Premiere Pro and how it changes the default workspace back to that of a previous version. He then goes on to show how to reset your workspace back to the default CS6 workspace. Andrew also shows how to customize your workspace, save a new workspace layout, delete a workspace and maximize panels both to include and exclude t

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  1. I remember this tutorial was one of my favorites when I started working with CS6. Now I need to study it again as being comfortable with our software is 1/2 to 3/2 of the editing experience. Thank you Andrew.

  2. I mistakenly deleted my all work spaces of my Adobe Premiere Pro cs6, help me to recover my all workspaces please help me please please pleaseπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. reminder for myself
    "ctrl+drag" undock a panel
    "ctrl+`" fullscreen on/off for "Source" and "Program:Sequence" panel

  4. What actual difference does it makes between Undock Panel and Undock Frame ?

  5. i have a question. when i delete timeline and then i put it back od place where it was it writes "no sequence"…how i make there a sequence again…
    sorry for my english, i hope you understand what i want to say

  6. Awesome. Simple thing, but explained, shown (and edited) really, really well. (I say this as someone who's been teaching editing for 10+ years) Cheers!

  7. I can simply say that you're a professional editor and good director… thank you so very much >>>>>> keep going >>>>>>>

  8. Very nice video. I am starting to learn the CS6 suite. I was "of course" playing around and lost all control of panels. Some went here, there and who knows. You got me back. I will be checking out your stuff. Nice, easy relaxed learning, covering all the basis. Great job.

  9. This video helped a lot. Especially, with setting getting rid keyboard shortcuts which are often used when working in Premiere Pro.

  10. It's no big deal because all I have to do is go to Window > Workspace, and then pick my Saved Workspace, but I thought that was the point of having the "Import Workspace with Project" setting… Unless that option is something entirely different and I misunderstood.

  11. Everytime I open a project, it keeps switching the workspace back to the Editing default from my own saved workspace, even if I have "Import Workspace from Projects" UNCHECKED. Now these projects I have never used before, but if I save my own version with my workspace applied, it'll open the project with that last used workspace I had applied. It seems having import checked or unchecked has no effect. Is there a way to open a new project but still keep my own workspace?

  12. I am doing the same thing. I was using FCP X and Premiere seems to have a lot more control over editing then FCP X does.

  13. Awesome video. This helped me out a lot with understanding the layout and how to change it.

  14. Absolutely love your tutorials. You sound clear. You explain thoroughly. You're a lifesaver πŸ™‚

  15. These are the best tutorials, perfect for a complete beginner. Thank you so much!

  16. Absolutely brilliant tutorials, thank you for 'em! πŸ™‚
    Just a little tip for Nordic keyboard users: The "Maximize or Restore frame under cursor"- button you're talking about at around 8 minutes, is actually the "ΓΆ"-key.
    That's all. Thanks! I'll continue watching the series!

  17. So thorough. I'm making the shift from FCP to CS6, these make the transition much easier.

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