Preparing Walls for Painting

Learn how to prep walls for painting a room, including removing wallpaper, repairing holes in drywall and cleaning the walls. Then watch how to paint a room, here:

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12 Replies to “Preparing Walls for Painting”

  1. So i should prime if it was painted before with a water based paint a few times? If you know the answer pls lemme know thx.

  2. 0:51 this is where I get problem with. When i try to scrap the paint, slowly slowly its start to get bigger and bigger. Later on when I apply wall fillers it does not remain smooth.

  3. I came here to see if I can paint my walls myself. Yeah. I think I'll save up and hire a painter instead. Ain't nobody got time for all these ?

  4. I have 2 layers of paint and 3 layers of wallpaper to get off and it is messy and very time consuming.

  5. Why the hell are all the dyi videos telling me to sand the walls first before repainting. I didn’t know i could have saved a week.

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