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Presenting PRIMARY COLOUR shades into secondary colour shades #tutorial #paintingtutorial #shorts
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17 Replies to “PRIMARY COLOURS into SECONDARY COLOURS #Shorts #Art #painting”

  1. Bro Einstein expects students to congratulate a teacher for doing their job? “2+2=4”


  2. Thanks to the fucking thousand people in this comment section saying “here’s the rest of the quote” like 999 other people haven’t already done it before them

  3. By that logic so when a good youtuber that does everything good and then groomed a minor should be forgiven???

  4. "Bro they be makin shit up and putting my name in it, shit's crazy"

    -Albert Einstein

  5. Basically the rest is they only noticed his mistake and not the one he got right

    Like in society they only notice if you do something wrong no matter how much you do correctly or your achievements they will only notice the mistakes.

  6. Well if you're a math professor at one of the most prestigious universities, you shouldn't be making a mistake that a first grader would make

  7. How come nobody noticed that the primary colors are blue green and red not red yellow and blue

  8. because those 9 problems werent impressive at all and that one question was insanely easy

  9. The amount of yellow added: ????

    The amount of any other color added: ????

  10. If I say 1+1=2, 2+2=4 and 3+3= 482, then I should be congratulated for getting 2/3 right?

  11. “Sir, you went through college, do you think we’ll congratulate you on simple multiplication?”

  12. Yeah people are jerks- also I'll be honest- like- not to be rude- but nobody will congradulate a genius for simple math-

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