Pro Chef Turns Canned Chickpeas Into 4 Meals For Under $8 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious

Chef Dan Giusti returns to show us just how much is possible with a can of chickpeas and some ingenuity. Watch as Dan prepares a day’s worth of meals, each taking canned chickpeas from the mundane to something unexpectedly delicious. The best part? All 4 will cost you under $8 in total.

Dan Giusti, formerly the head chef of Noma, is the founder of Brigaid, a company that places professional chefs into institutional food spaces like public schools. Brigaid chefs bring their experience, knowledge and technique to institutional kitchens to improve food quality. Similar to how Brigaid works–by bringing professional chefs into institutional spaces to apply their knowledge to new environments– The Smart Cook intends to do the same by bringing Chef Dan’s experience and knowhow into your home with delicious recipes prepared on a budget.

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0:00 Introductions
0:48 Breakfast – Chickpea & Chorizo Hash
5:14 Lunch – Macaroni & Chickpea Salad
10:30 Dinner – Chickpea (Not) Risotto
14:33 Dessert – Sweet Chickpea Fritters

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Pro Chef Turns Canned Chickpeas Into 4 Meals For Under $8 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious

23 Replies to “Pro Chef Turns Canned Chickpeas Into 4 Meals For Under $8 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious”

  1. Literally keep coming back to this video for the chickpea risotto recipe; does anyone know if there are any varieties of this dish or dishes that are similar because I feel so weird going back to this video.

  2. Thanks for this excellent show! Learning so much about techniques that transfer to overall kitchen know how. Great job to all involved!

  3. Celery leaves are indeed a secret weapon… try making celery leaf-almond pesto… delicious!!

  4. Aquafaba, from the Latin for water (aqua) and beans (faba). So, bean-water. And as Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding would say, "There you go."

  5. The risotto looked too small a portion, but with that pudding it would be great I imagine.

  6. The breakfast just treated the chickpeas as a secondary thought and didn't need it with all the other ingredients. Chickpeas are loaded with protein as well and substitution of them for potatoes is kinda of an insult to them…Like your meat, eggs and avocado. Chickpeas are much more usable than that! You can make an omelette without eggs and just Chickpeas… That was unfortunately a fail (MPO). Also the oil and yogurt will already make a ranch dressing. (Again the Chickpea liquid : an afterthought:( Chickpeas can replace many breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and deserts. You can make firm feta cheese and Pizza dough with chickpeas! Just using Chickpeas instead of potatoes or rice is lazy and not realizing their potential. This was a useless example of what they can do; I'm sorry and kinda shocked:( PRO Chef Here of Meat based and Plant based cuisine. Chickpeas Deserve better PRESS! I'm really unimpressed. Sorry. If you a "PRO CHEF" Than make the ingredient the main part of the meal; not a secondary component…

  7. Wow thank u so much! Hubs and I have switched to the Mediterranean diet due to some health issues and this gives us a few ideas to go with!

  8. When I think hash and breakfast I think of smoking hash and making a bacon egg and cheese biscuit samich or making hievos rancheros I'll try garbanzo chickpeas instead of beans next time

  9. love this guy! just discovered him. going from elitist noma to showing people how to cook delicious things for no money? i love him even more)

  10. This channel is brilliant especially when counting every penny. Chef Dan makes a difference in my cookery.

  11. How is that a breakfast ? Hahaha yea i dont know about that one , that was a clever recipe just not my taste . The other recipes seemed amazing and a must try indeed 🙂

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