Productive Permaculture Kitchen Garden Tour | HUGE July Harvests

I’m so excited to share the July garden tour of my permaculture and no dig inspired kitchen garden! It is so full of plants and food, and in this video I share some of the key harvests, new crops, favourite little things and lots more about the vegetable garden. I am already so excited for August and to show you how much change will happen over the next 4 weeks but in the meantime sit back and relax this garden tour and have a wonderful weekend!

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19 Replies to “Productive Permaculture Kitchen Garden Tour | HUGE July Harvests”

  1. Hello from San Antonio, Texas. Love the refreshing green of your garden. Thank you for your inspiration, I always learn something from each video and your books as well.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with others always very interesting. On a personal note what size bucket do you grow your potatoes here

  3. How do you keep pigeons and catepillars off your plants. I also think I have a mosaic virus in my gladioli that are near the Squash. Rust has also been a problem. Help!

  4. WOW! What a beautiful garden Such abundance. You must be so proud as this is proof of the difference your approach is making. We’ll done

  5. Celtuce needs quite a lot of space for a fully grown thick stem (30cm by 30cm). We mainly use the stem for cooking (slice it, stir fry with beef, add some soy sauce and chili paste)

  6. I adore carrots, what is your secret? Is the soil soft for about a foot, to get such gorgeous carrots to grow that large? Oh my word, those onions are spectacular, were they grown from onion sets or seed? I no longer drink coffee, so I don't have any coffee grounds to augment my small garden, but I do drink tea. Do teabags have the same results as coffee grounds? Astounding harvest – Thank you very much!!!!

  7. Huw, you have such an amazing garden, so many delicious varieties. You bring such valuable knowledge. Thank you and keep trialing.

  8. I love watching your videos, Huw! I always feel so encouraged and inspired. You have such a gift for bringing gardening to people in an accessible and engaging way. Thank you so much for the light and joy you are putting out into the world! 💝

  9. I love these garden tours! I envy your climate in Wales, it's really a wonderful place to live if you're a gardener!

  10. Your garden is amazing! You are such an inspiration to me. I love your tours. It gives me ideas of what I can plant and how to plant.
    Even though my climate and soil is vastly different I can still gain so much knowledge from you for my own garden. Your books are so helpful too. Thanks again!

  11. Had to rip out most of my garden because of heat and pests becoming too much. Hopefully a second planting will produce in fall.

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