Propagating Fig Cuttings, Planting Butterfly Peas & Studio Tidy Up! ????✂️???? // Garden Answer

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27 Replies to “Propagating Fig Cuttings, Planting Butterfly Peas & Studio Tidy Up! ????✂️???? // Garden Answer”

  1. Good morning Laura and family.
    Greenhouse and Studio look awesome. Propagating never works for me want to propagate my roses I've got a root starter but keep forgetting to use it maybe that's my problem. Thank you Laura for sharing stay warm. Supposed to be in the sixties in the Oklahoma Panhandle, Texas County this weekend let's see if the weather man is right LOL. Have a great rest of the day and weekend stay warm.

  2. They sell shelf liners on Amazon for those shelving units and they’re pretty inexpensive.

  3. Hands up ! Who like me wants two Lauras to take care of our clutter? Boy is she good ???? Talk about a motivational influencer. ????

  4. My elderly Italian neighbor about 25 years ago showed up at my door with 5 foot stem of a fig tree asked for a hammer and pipe made hole in ground stuck stem in ,it's still there and producing all these years later ,I live in New Jersey zone 7

  5. You know Laura, you can make rooting hormone from 1-2 yr. old willow twigs just soaked in water a few days. Using willow rooting hormone speeds up the rooting process. The antifungal properties of willow improve the success rate of your propagation projects.

  6. Looks like it’s time for another antiquing trip to find a cabinet to store things in the studio. ☺️

  7. ????Good Friday morning, Laura!!! Wishing you, Aaron, Benjamin, Samantha Grace, Ken, Paul, Bethany and all of your families a fabulous and restful weekend!!!
    Ooooh, I am crossing my fingers ???????????? that your fig propagating is successful!!!
    ????Hi Paul!!! Great to see you! ❓️❓️❓️Question for Paul, Bethany and Ken – would you 3 consider doing a Q&A with Laura? It would be fabulous to get to know you 3 a little better; you 3 are vital to the success of Garden Answer, too!!! Those would be very interesting Q&A's!! Speaking of Q&A's, Laura; when is the one with your Dad, John, going to air?
    Wow!!!! The studio looks so much more organized and open, now! Great job, Laura and Paul!!!
    Have a Blessed and Beautiful day/night/weekend ????/????✨️⭐️????⭐️✨️ ???? everyone!!!
    Kimberley F in the Arizona desert ???????????????????? (Zone 9b) USA ????????

  8. You might want to put that camera equipment in a plastic bin, because of the humidity, can’t imagine it would be good for some of it.

  9. Hello Laura! Can you please give us some other examples of what seeds would benefit from starting in this yellow seed starting tray? I did a large order from Gardeners Supply. Including the Grow light system and other items you have loved ???? ❤️ Thanks for the recommendations.

  10. Hey! Did you ever finish painting that room? Or did you change the colour like you were questioning? Looks nice and fresh and workable space.

  11. Love, love these tidying/organizing projects because they inspire me. That's my weak spot so any encouragement is much appreciated????

  12. Laura, you have so much energy please come over my house and help!???? We have been doing some work inside and is a major mess!

  13. I just saw this channel called Garden Crossings LLC and it says in collaboration with Garden Answer but it looks like she is using your videos, is this ok with y’all ?

  14. Do you think the same process for rooting the cuttings would work for a blueberry bush? Love the video!

  15. Some of the grow light systems may have been gifted, but what about a couple more of the big black systems instead of a bunch of little ones.

  16. We use clear plexiglass on our shelving units like that. That is what I have in my pantry.

  17. Laura, I saw on another gardeners channel (Dig,Plant,Water,Repeat) she went to a garden that I thought you may enjoy her review. It is FiLoLi gardens and the orchard is something I thought of you and your orchard. I hope you enjoy.

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