Purpose Built Motors’ Datsun 1600 Restomod | Jay Leno's Garage

Mike Spagnola tastefully restored and modified this Datsun 1600 which makes 300 horsepower to the wheels!

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17 Replies to “Purpose Built Motors’ Datsun 1600 Restomod | Jay Leno's Garage”

  1. so simple so beautiful . Jay didnt ask weight but I know its light and 300 HP is definitely enough . I didnt realize how cool these were . 25 K is golden for a classic sports car like this . It has legit cool factor , reimagined cobra with Japanese turbo power ethos . 25 K is nothing for this level of style points and some go.

  2. I love all cars but i have really fallen for the JDM stuff, i love old Datsuns and new tech..this is all of that. I would love to see what he could do to a 510.

  3. Hey Jay, I heard the Datsun name came another way! They said, "we need a new car name and we need it right away." The man answered, "Dat soon?" Yeah, we like it was the reply." "

  4. My car buddies neighbor had a white 1600 in the garage. He never would sell it. It didn't run because of a blown head gasket. We just marveled how cool it was. We always built 510s and 620s. Fun cars and trucks back in the 80s. Wish we still had all the ones we went through.

  5. My second car was a 1967 Datsun 1600 short windshield roadster. I loved it, and wish I still had it. Lots of fun in that little rig!

  6. Very cool little car. This is the way the Miata should have been, but sadly that car has always been terrible looking.

  7. Always liked these little sports cars. I thought they had great proportions.

  8. Jay's a great guy, I always like how humble he is and the variety of cars he has on the show. He can appreciate all the hard work the owners put into restoring these different cars and talking to the enthusiastic owners like this man. He's appreciates all types of cars from different era's and is very knowledgeable on their technologies. I'm glad to see most owners let him drive their cars, as he seems to be a expert driver. A excellent show Jay, keep up the great work on your channel.

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