Put a Glass on Your Door Handle, It Will Save Your Life!

How to stay safe while traveling? Now and then magazines, newspapers, and websites publish lists of the safest and the most dangerous travel destinations. But in fact, there’s always a chance of being robbed or attacked in any country in the world. When you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings, it can make you vulnerable to people looking to take advantage of you. Before going on a trip to another city or country, it’s better to consider your safety in advance. Luckily, there are some great hacks you can use to make your travels safe and worry-free, like putting a glass on the door handle of your hotel room!

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Put a glass on your doorknob 0:39
Download maps and translations to access them offline 1:22
Use a dummy wallet 2:02
Email yourself important documents as a backup 2:39
Stay in a hotel room on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floor 3:12
Hang the “Do Not Disturb Sign” even if you’re not there 3:58
Don’t say personal information out loud when checking in 4:37
Cover that peephole! 5:13
Don’t use the hotel safe 6:06
Avoid unsecure Internet connections 6:42
Use cabs cautiously 7:51

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– Slip a drinking glass onto the door handle of your hotel room, on your side. That way, if someone turns the knob as you’re sleeping, the glass will fall and alert you that someone has opened the door.
– Before going on your trip, download translated phrases from language apps. That way, in case you can’t access the Internet, you’ll still know how to say things like, “Where’s the bathroom?”
– Use a second wallet in addition to your regular one as a “dummy wallet.” You can even fill it with fake cash or plastic cards so that it looks legit. If you get pickpocketed or, even worse, mugged in the street, the perp won’t make off with your real wallet.
– In the hustle and bustle of travel, it’s pretty easy to lose important documents like your license or passport, especially when you’re taking them in and out of your bag to show authorities. If you’re worried about losing these precious documents, scan them and email the copies to yourself.
– Choosing a room between the 2nd and 4th floors puts you at less risk of being robbed. That’s because thieves typically hit the first or ground floor since it’s easier to get away fast.
– Even if you’re not around, leaving the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door makes staff and potential thieves think that you’re in there. If you want to take things a step further, turn your TV on at a low volume and leave it on when you head out.
– There have actually been cases of people being spied on and even filmed through these peepholes! This is a total violation of privacy! So by taping some paper over the peephole of your hotel room door, you can really protect yourself.
– Hotel safes are a great way to keep your jewelry, money, and important documents secure, right? Believe it or not, they’re actually the first things thieves go for when robbing a room.
– When you’re traveling, you’ll stumble upon a number of cafes, bookshops, and restaurants with open Wi-Fi. While this is super convenient, it’s also super unsafe.
– When getting into a cab while traveling, don’t ever say that you’re a tourist. This immediately makes you a target! The driver may assume you don’t know anything about your surroundings and take advantage of you, like driving longer to hike up your fare.

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